Michel: “Union and me

Three TV teams, half a dozen print journalists and two photographers: For other standards of the 1st FC Union Berlin, the small audience box was very neatly filled on Tuesday afternoon despite drizzle rain.

The coming opponent Borussia Dortmund, who at the stage on Sunday (15.30 clock) in the stadium at the ancient Försterei, takes as Bayern Munich on the one hand forever for more public interest. On the other hand, Union receives as a spreadsheet of the second BVB to the top game.

The media representatives were able to make coaches Urs Fischer and the players only in the distance, because the iron unfortunately only worked on the rear exercise lawn. But recovering Sven Michel troused three days after his half-hour debut at FC Augsburg (0: 2) after completing the first unity this week to the announced open-air discussion round close to the microphones and lenses.

With the view of the Champions League, Michel did not lure from the reserve. “We want to let the church in the village. Of course, we are fourth at the moment. But it’s still a long journey. Let’s see what it’s enough for,” said Michel. The club icon of the SC Paderborn planned to Berlin also did not want to be out of the most recent Dortmund 2: 5-broke against Bayer Leverkusen. It would come to a tremendous violence on Union, but with the fans in the back everything was possible, Michel said.

The anticipation is huge

The 31-year-old looks optimistic about his home debut and the 10,000 supporters, which are then allowed to come under 2G-Plus conditions. “The anticipation is huge. So far I was always allowed to play in the stadium against Union. That was pure goose bumps,” Michel said.

The hype about the departure of his quasi-predecessor Max Kruse to the VfL Wolfsburg Michel can understand a little far. But the club did everything right by ticking the topic Kruse for the club. Michel himself wants to remain true to his playing style, who made him in the 2nd league with 14 hits and eight assists to the TopScorer. Nobody is still past him in the lower house.

Now his new employer should benefit from him. “I’m a very robust player. I have good runways in the depth. I can also fix the balls. With my package, also my left foot, I can help the team very well,” Michel believes. “That fits very well. Union and I, that can flap well, I’ll rip the ass for the club.”

Michel does not measure the number 10 very important

MGMT - Me and Michael

In the case of a mission, he carries the number 10 on the back, which previously had Kruse. Michel weakened the importance of the digit because it was only one number from his view. The selection was modest, however. In addition to number 2, there were only alternatives from the 36 upwards. This was not an option for the scorer.

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