Half-Life 2 suddenly gets a new update

Half Life 2 has now over 17 years on the hump. Nevertheless, the game continues not only a milestone in the ego shooter story, but also a trademark for Valve. Accordingly, the game is still well maintained by the company and prepared for portals.

A new interface?

Thus, the Twitter user and content-Creator Have Follower has noted that Half Life 2 has received a new user interface in the menu. The menu makes significantly more modern than in the past.

Where previously gray blocks decorated the domestic screen, we now find a contemporary look with animations and big rectangles.

However, the structure is still as well as in the old menu, including the selection of individual chapters within the story of Half Life 2. So Valve did not have the complete menu up screen, but only polished the look.

Why a new interface?

Reason for the update could be Steam Deck . The PC handheld would be, similar to tablets or smartphones, not necessarily suitable for the partially small mouse control menus of previous PC games.


For a touch machine or analog sticks larger fields and one of consoles inspired look in the interface are clearly coherent.

Valve is certainly a great interest in providing your new PC handheld with top titles, and be it only through such smaller updates. Maybe we can expect further UI updates of different classics for the future to better work on the Steam Deck.

How can I activate the interface?

To activate the new interface, you have to activate the beta mode in the Steam menu at Half Life. In addition, you would need to add the line-gamepadui to the Launch Options. Then you can enjoy the new interface in all its modern splendor, quasi a half Life 2 – Steam Deck Edition.

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