Not tonight 2 coming next month


Not Tonight 2 is the most political game of all time. Developed by PanicBarn and the publishing label No More Robots, Not Tonight 2 seeks to stand out from all AAA games that claim to not be political and do not represent anything.

If you played the original Not Tonight, it’s not really a surprise for you. If you have not played, you really should. It’s a great very political game. The original focused on a post-Brexit adventure. Not surprisingly, it was also a very political game.

Not Tonight 2 makes a trip around America this time. We move away from Europe, and we are moving towards the very best continent of North America. Here are some of the sites you can expect to see:

  • New York underwater (climate change is a myth!)
  • A rolling and mechanical wall at the frontier of Mexico
  • Terrifying religious cults and conglomerates

  • A Montana annexed in Canada (free Putin for all!)
  • Mount Rushmore supported by medieval GN
  • Factories that pump cattle full of steroids, yum yum

As you can see, Not Tonight 2 is not afraid to make a statement. Unlike Ubisoft, who likes to take political images and then claim that they are not at all policies. No, the developers of Not Tonight 2 are willing to support the images they use.

I always like to see games that make a statement. Games that are ready to defend something. I think that’s what really allows the creativity to flourish.

NOT TONIGHT 2 should be launched on Steam on February 11th.

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