Tubites, Icon Loop – Icon Foundation and NFT Game Platform Build

[INTERNATIONAL) for Tu bites (Representative Hyeseong Chub) is a blockchain, I was announcing a strategic partnership with a 25-day.

With this partnership, Tu bites develop and operate the NFT game platform Spare and supports blockchain community activation and ecosystem construction. The Icon Loop-Icon Foundation is a policy that utilizes its intercontinental technologies to work technically to expand NFT interoperability in the platform.


On this day, the Spare, who revealed the teaser site, has been the name of the SPACE Opera, the SPACE OPERA. It is aimed at positioning as a game platform, which is an intercut NFT blockchain that can interoperate with NFTs issued on a variety of blocks and NFTs issued on a platform.

Tu bites are startups that provide game localization, QA, and global consulting services. Pulse, more than 40 game developers, including Vi’s, Cacao Games, and have recently established their own game development studios.

Icon loaf is a blockchain that provides a blockchain platform and service. Prayer blocking technology is a major public institution and large enterprise, and technology to the global interference project ‘icon (Icon). The Icon Foundation plans to create an interoperability and block body that utilizes intercut technology.

The Cubit and Icon Foundation plans to use a strategic partnership, a different ecosystem, a different blockchain, and a platform that can be used in a Spare game, and furthermore, and further.

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