EA “Very disappointed” in Battlefield 2042


Battlefield 2042 is the last Electronic Arts incursion into the Battlefield franchise, aimed at revitalizing the game for a new audience in a more science fiction direction. The hopes were great for this title… which meant that they had a long start in advance when the game finally came out. Players had tons of complaints, ranging from bugs to a bad balance to a general impression of an unfinished version. Things have become a bit ugly, but EA could try to change things.

Tom Henderson, a known insider of the game space, presented information on the backstage of Battlefield 2042. All of this is yet an unconfirmed rumor at this stage, but good… this type has a heritage of success confirmed.

The tweet affirmation that EA examines all options to save this project is interesting and has serious implications. The Free-To-Play model is important in the landscape of modern game, especially for multiplayer titles like Battlefield. The strategy can attract many players into the door, massively increasing server populations. But the deletion of a price tag requires an increased price increase, which will inevitably fall on the game microtransaction system. It is the model with which Halo Infinite went, and the halo fans base saw each side. Of this equation act fully.

Do you think a Free-to-Play model is suitable for Battlefield 2042? Would it be a change for the best or for the worst? We would like to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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