Lost ARK: Thats how the Housing works and these benefits brings you the island

Am 11. It is known to be Lost Ark , known to February 2022, with all pioneer package owners be allowed to enter the Action RPG-MMO from 8 February. Look forward to a wonderfully powerful combat system, a great staged story campaign and crisp endgame content in the form of dungeons and raid challenges.

Another important feature is already encountered clearly before reaching the maximum level 60. After an significant milestone in the act already mentioned, your stretch will be rewarded with its own island, which in the future acts as your housing base, control center, creative modular system and game in the game. In this article we summarize everything significant around the paradise home.

Housing in Lost Ark

Our island from Lost Ark already reminds us to the garrison from Wow . You expect a large property with an existing property. Further, parts of the island or additional islands as well as new buildings will be released over the research in the laboratory, whereby here, as in the WON feature, the look and the positioning of the facilities are specified. So one’s own creativity are certain limits.

Nevertheless, you can miss the island in the small one’s own touch. Once in the lab explored or preserved as a reward item of the categories building, furniture and props, their workshop manufactures themselves to arrange them quite freely on the available footprints. Nice: You can also position the currently non-active characters of your accounts on the island.
Lost Ark: The Housing – once explored, may we make this vending well and place on our island. Source: Buffed

Account cross-comprehensive progress

As with many other things in Lost Ark, the progress of your island is also valid for all characters of your accounts. With the sheet music Song of Home and Herd you can tell you anywhere in the world directly in your fortress. That makes sense. Although you always have the overview of how it stands for the exact research, but you can only carry out Housing actions if you are on the island.

The most important features of the island

Speaking of: What does your island actually bring you, except escapism from the Hero gall day and a beautiful view? We introduce you to the most important functions below:
Lost Ark: Housing – the entry into the home is celebrated with a rushing party. Source: Buffed


The laboratory

In the laboratory, your research can commission to unlock other parts of the island, to enhance the existing buildings or to learn recipes for all sorts of items. These can be usable items like potions, cooking recipes or instructions for furniture.

But your research can also be expanded on your research. This storage space is open to all characters of your accounts and can be used to make certain items such as chests all your stretches available. The research time varies greatly. While you do not want to plan an hour for a simple cooking recipe, the activation of an island property may take half a day.
Lost Ark: The Housing – In the laboratory, we are researching new recipes or expanding our island around new land or building upgrades. Source: Buffed You can not just research properly. Research costs materials such as iron ore and wood that would like to be collected. In addition, the process always costs some silver or gold pieces. In addition, most actions consume on the island of action energy. This resource has a maximum and fills up again at regular intervals. However, have you consumed all action energy, you have to wait until the value has regenerated sufficiently, or uses special items to get additional energy points.

The workshop

In the workshop, your items produce using the schemes explored. For the production, it also requires collected raw materials such as flowers or stones, action energy and gold. The production time of green items is a few seconds. On blue objects you wait almost half an hour per three-piece pack, epic an hour.

In fact, there are no manufacturing professions in Lost Ark. You can only collect the professions, collect wood falls, mining, hunt, fishing and excavation and levels. Who wants to produce stuff with the collected stuff, needs the workshop. And here’s the full program, from the soaks already mentioned by grenades, tools for professions, buff food to upgrade materials for your equipment.
Lost Ark: Housing – in the workshop, we leave our manufacturing orders for potions and other things. Source: Buffed

Station and expeditions

Still a parallel to the WON garrison: From your island’s station, you can send selected NPCs on expeditions. These missions reward you with fortress expedition experience, pirate coins (currency for traveling merchant ships or pirates occupied islands) and seals that make dealers for special items.

Also, as with the WOW missions: your sailors have specializations that make you positive influence on the output of the expeditions by providing the perfect counter to, for example, an ice or wind load. Particularly worthwhile are special functions in which your sailors can virtually be earned to complete the timed endgame content like Raids for you. However, if you master the challenges yourself with your character, the Loot is better off.
Lost Ark: Send the Housing – NPC to missions? That knows WOW veterans only too well. Source: Buffed


With Level 50 you have achieved a so-called soft cap. Up to this point you can come quite fast (in about 20 hours). Thereafter, the number of experiments needed increases drastically, similar to Black Desert. In addition to your main character, you would not have to bring all twinks from 50 to 60 through time-consuming grind, there’s the training feature of the island.

You can learn your twinks AFK about the training, up to a maximum of two levels under the level of the current highest character. Say: If your main character has reached the maximum level 60, you can bring your twinks to short before 59 and then virtually a level increase (plus a bit) manually levels. Important: The training continues to run even if you are offline or play a different character.
Lost ARK: The Housing – by boat we switch our home. Source: Buffed

The wardrobe

If you have made a particularly narrow friendship band with certain NPCs in the world about the Relationship feature (trust status ), you can also place them on your island. And thus not all NPCs look the same on each island, the ART designers have damped the figures of different outfits that – once enabled – can choose from the item Wardrobe.

Dealer visits

Again and again, retailers visit your island, which offer you to buy your assortment for seven hours. The offer is very different, from sailors for expeditions on recipes to usable objects. You paid with the seals that you have played over the NPC missions.
Lost Ark: The Housing – and again our island is visited by NPCs who want to act or go on expeditions. Source: Buffed

The island and real money currency

Much of the island costs a lot of time. And many of these time angles can be shortened several times a day about certain tokens or (blue) crystals or even end immediately. Blue crystals, in turn, gets you from the real money currency royal crystals or gold. And also the alternative cladding costumes of the NPCS cost blue crystals.

So if you make money in the shop for royal crystals and exchanges them in blue crystals, which can, especially what the research is concerned, buy a great greater advantage. Under the line, however, this advantage is so low that it does not matter. The Housing systems eventually do not affect the character strength, and grenades and Co. can also be purchased in the auction house for need

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