Hitman 3 launched on Steam with mixed reviews


Hitman 3 came out last year on Epics Game Store last year. Those who did not want to use the service have waited until now that Steam gets a version of the game. And they did it, to their greatest pleasure. But there was a little problem with that. Or, according to critics, a big issue.

The issue was that even if it was the first time Hitman was going out on Steam, it was $60 USD. Now, normally, if it were an initial version, it would not be a issue. But, Hitman 3 has come out for a year now, and the players expected a reduced price. It was, after all, the price he initially had in Epic Games Store at his first exit. Many future players may have assumed that the game would follow the previous one in similar situations. After all, Borderlands 3 had and always has 50% discount on the initial price. And according to the appearance of the critics on Steam, they assumed that there would be at least a launching discount.

Without one, especially a year after the initial output, the fans are not happy.

The price is insulting since many of us waited a whole year so that it happens on Steam, just so that we can have all the trilogy on the same customer, read a negative criticism. There are other disgruntled and bored players who say pretty much the same thing. And they can have good reasons to be bored because during the holidays, Hitman 3 in the Epic Games shop cost 23.99 USD, even up to $13.99 using free Epic Store coupons.

Everything is not a price question though. Apparently, it is also difficult to transfer the progress of other games to the last. There have also been performance and limitation problems for regular editions and VR. Fortunately, it seems that a fix has been deployed on January 21, 2022, which could be solved.

Fortunately, Hitman 3 is a good game to play. It’s just the price that surprised some people.

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