Because it is such a flop: Battlefield 2042 is supposed to be free 2 play

It has been no secret for a long time that it is around the ego shooter Battlefield 2042 not very round . Since the launch, the game has been plagued by problems again and again and the developers even triggered one or the other shit storm within the community. The Publisher Electronic Arts also seems to be satisfied with the performance of the youngest Battlefield and is currently thinking about its possible future.

Will Battlefield 2042 soon be a free play game?

The well-known leakers and insider Tom Henderson has recently been expressed via Twitter to the current situation around Battlefield 2042. According to his statements, there seems to be a lot in the background of the ego shooter. Electronic Arts supposedly examined all options for the future of the game, where even a kind of free play model is not completely excluded . In the Tweet it says:

Electronic Arts is reportedly very dissatisfied with how battlefield 2042 (Buy Now €47.30 / €53.99) Fisher has truncated and looks at the game ‘all options to’. This also includes the testing of Free play in a certain extent. Tomorrow I will report more.

How likely is a Free2Play model for Battlefield 2042?

Whether Electronic Arts will actually decide Battlefield 2042 to plug into a Free2Play corset , remains to be seen. So far, there is at least not an official opinion. However, Tom Henderson has already proven several times as a reliable as well as trusted source for leaks and background information – especially around Battlefield and Call of Duty.

Source: Twitter

Battlefield 2042 | Opinion | It needs more Battlefield in Battlefield!

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