Battlefield 2042: Update 3.2 goes online today

Although our expectations of a faulty game are Brutal by Electronic Arts, according to Andy McNamara, the DICE developers continue to work on tracking the disappointing Battlefield 2042 before starting the first season. Patch 3.2, which today, appears on January 20, 2022, is another step in this direction.

Highlights of patch 3.2

From 09:00 o’clock you should be able to download the update. A server-downtime is not planned. Especially the new update delivers bug fixes and stability improvements to reduce the frequency of crashes in the game. There are also fixes for hits registry problems for Sun dance and vehicle passenger weapons. The DEVs also resolve different gameplay issues, such as the rubber band effect while running behind allies or the alive / neutralized unwilling loop.

For February 2022, the next update is scheduled, which adds the improvements of the ease of use in focus, keyword: scoreboard. But there is not a concrete date for patch 3.3 yet.

Battlefield 2042: Official Patch Notes for Update 3.2 of 20 January 2022

Fixes, changes and improvements


  • It has been fixed a issue that no longer reacted the game when leaving a party during matching.
  • A issue has been resolved, which did not work the connection with EA servers after logging in with a new account at the first attempt.
  • The Behavior of the Exit button during the gameplay has been revised, and it now returns to the correct screen.
  • There has been a issue that broke out the music while charging a level.


  • A rare issue has been resolved, by the result after a landing with the wing suit in some areas of Sun dances Hatbox were not registered.
  • Rubber band effects when running behind allied persons were fixed.
  • A rare issue has been resolved, which could be stuck in a living / neutralized endless loop.
  • Diverse issues with ladders have been resolved, which will fly away or lose control of your specialists.

  • A issue has been resolved, through the near explosions that produced craters, the speed of soldier: lowered inside.
  • An issue has been resolved, through the comrades and audio for landings unintentionally triggered when jumped out of very low heights.
  • A issue has been resolved, the weapons of equipment boxes occasionally contained ammunition of the previously chosen weapon.
  • An issue has been resolved, through which the location stops too long during firing a weapon.


  • Several fixes have been made to improve the overall stability of the game.
  • It was resolved a rendering crash that could occur in people with an AMD Radeon VII when Sun dance was visible on the screen.


  • The muzzle fire of sniper guns and Solar is now at a greater distance.


  • A issue has been resolved, the passenger weapons were no longer synchronous if the gun of the driver turned, whereby balls were not registered when firing.
  • M1A5, T28 – Effective range of the canister weapons container has been increased, reducing the scattering.
  • Scattering of the balls was reduced from 1.6 to 1.1.
  • Damage waste distance was reduced from 35 to 40.

Battlefield Hazard Zone

  • The black rectangle, which appeared at the end of the round in Hazard Zone when leaving the step progress screen, was removed.

Battlefield Portal

  • The Server Info tab now remains in the Portal Server Browser after pressing Update.
  • There has been a issue with overlapping text when joining a team Deathwatch game during the lap end sequence.
  • Rule Editor – The value IstinVector Lottie is now treated as intended melee weapons.

Certain administrator commands can no longer be fenced.

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