Star Trek: Picard: Start appointment by Season 2 at Prime Video is fixed

This post goes over the imaginary timeline of the Star Trek franchise business. The franchise is mainly established in the future, ranging from the mid-22nd century (Star Trek: Enterprise) to the late 24th century (Star Trek: Picard) with the 3rd season of Star Trek: Discovery jumping forward to the 32nd century. Nevertheless, the franchise has additionally described a fictional future history of Earth before this, as well as, mainly with time traveling stories, discovered both further-future and previous setups.
The chronology is made complex by the visibility of different timelines within the franchise’s story, along with inner oppositions and recons. The initial series normally avoided appointing real-world dates to its advanced setting, rather utilizing the star date system. Series from Star Trek: The Next Generation let’s start specified their temporal settings in standard type.

Two years fans of Star Trek: Picard are already on the start of the second season. Now those responsible have announced the date for the new consequences of Patrick Stewart in the role of Jean-Luc Picard . So Season 2 on 3. March 2022 at Paramount + to see. In Germany, the series can be streamed again at Amazon Prime Video — but then only one day later on 4. March 2022 .


Weekly again a new episode of Star Trek: Picard

As with the season before, fans may look back in total ten episodes in the sci-fi universe. Replenishment will therefore be a weekly up to the 5. May 2022 . A Third Season by Star Trek: Picard is already in production. The rotation had to be stopped recently because of a Corona outbreak in the team. An appointment does not have an appointment yet.

What happens in Season 2 of Star Trek: Picard?

Some time ago, fans have already received a small view of the future of Star Trek: Picard in the Trailer for the new season. Among other things, the return of q is on. Actor John de Lancie will hatch again in the role of the overpowering being. The mentioned trailer we have involved you at the end of the message.

More Star Trek projects are imminent

In addition to the start of the second season of Star Trek: Picard, the responsible persons also announced the next episodes for Season 4 of Star Trek: Discovery . Here it goes on 10. February 2022 with six more episodes. In addition, the series was extended by a fifth season.

Also, the discovery spin-off named Star Trek: Strange New Worlds has received its debut appointment. The first season starts on 5. May 2022 . Even before the start, the production of a second season was also confirmed.

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