The Indie platform Demon Turf now has a physical Xbox

In November last year, Demon Turf Digital was published on all platforms. This 3D platform game developed by the Fabric Indie developers has built a rather faithful fan base in the months since it was available for the first time. Those who have fallen in love with the game, but wish that it could stand next to their other favorites on the shelf, will be glad to hear that they can now buy a physical copy for Xbox Series X.

The game uses 2D character models in a 3D world with very lively and colorful designs — including the protagonist Beebe, a demon, which one day decides to overthrow the demon king and master the underworld. Beebe’s journey takes you through a variety of different levels, each of which will put your platform capabilities on the sample.

While Been moves through the game, she releases new skills that she needs to survive later levels, for example, unlocking a hook shot or the ability to turn into a bike and move very quickly (fewer Control). ).

It is a game that has awakened the interest of the Speed running Community, as each level is specifically designed so that you can finish it in just one or two minutes if you have the skills and know-how. Most people will need good 10 – 20 minutes for each level, but if you really improve your skills with the game and look for abbreviations and exploits, the game will reward you and give them a place on the coveted leaderboards.

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If Psychopath 2, ORI and The Blind Forest or the platformers of the Game cube and PlayStation have fallen 2 eras, this will be a great little nostalgia trip for them. In fact, fans of Indie platform games are generally pleased to know that Took and Lay lee (from, now yes, You-Laylee) have hid a nice little guest appearance in the game, as well as a number of other iconic indie gaming characters.

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