WhatsApp update revolutionizes function in voice messages

Under Software Application Update, English Update Software [SF (T) WɛːɛːPˌDeɪt], you comprehend the update of software program in info tech. In addition to computer programs, this can also connect to other data, such as infection trademarks and even as database updates, as an update of a website or report.

Voice messages are among the more popular features of WhatsApp. But now there is a new change.

NRW — Quickly send a voice message if there is no time to tap, belongs to everyday life of many WhatsApp users. A new change for the messenger can make this function even easier in the future, reports Voice. For many users, the innovation could be particularly practical.

Voice messages at WhatsApp: Update brings relief for users


Because the new update sounds like a relief: Anyone who wanted to listen to a voice message at WhatsApp so far always strictly opened the appropriate chat window. Check for the fast other messages in the messenger or send something to someone else in parallel, did not go to someone else.

As the magazine Wabetainfo reports, this should change soon. For example, WhatsApp is expected to display voice messages in the future in a kind of higher-level menu. As soon as a new message arrives, it should be displayed in the settings or in the chat overview. Users can then decide themselves whether they click directly on the message or you want to listen later.

An advantage: In this overview, the voice message can also be stopped conveniently to further hear it in the same place later. Especially with very long audio recordings is practical. Because this function did not exist so far. Most recently, however, a function was introduced, through which voice message can be recorded later.

WhatsApp voice message should get new functions by update

Particularly useful and time-saving could be the new function, thanks to the users in the future, can change the chats without stopping the voice message. Thanks to the menu, playback soon no longer needs to be stopped, the message simply continues in the background (read more news about digital at Voice).

However, until the new feature is available, WhatsApp users still have to wait a bit. Because currently the update is available only in the beta version for iOS from Apple. There is currently a new WhatsApp function about profile pictures tested . So until the changes are then available for all users, so it could take a little. The functions may be revised before. Voice is part of the editorial network from Phoenix.media.

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