GTA Online Get a cooperative mode with Franklin and Lamar and new Prime Gaming bonuses

GTA Online continues to grow with new content every week and like that is like more than 8 years by giving a community that does not tire of adventures. Now, Rock star has announced the news of the week, where he highlights a cooperative mode.

A way in which the protagonists are old known as Franklin and Lamar , to whom we met at GTA V. In the section in question, this couple will try to survive in a brief south of San Andreas against a team that has Many shotguns and infinite lives.

Double or nothing, which is what this cooperative adversary mode is called, debuted along with a wide variety of bonuses, including double rewards for helping Dr. Dre at the end of filtration in high society. You will obtain bonuses of up to 200 000 GTA $ for participating in a round.


They are not the only news, there will also be content and cosmetic elements, such as a new vehicle: Nagasaki Shinobi, already available in Legendary Motorsport . There will also be discounts on selected properties, vehicle and clothing improvements: 25% discount at the Famous Solutions Agency and its improvements, as well as 30% discount on all

Finally, you do not miss the Bonuses of Prime Gaming . If you connect your Social Club account you will receive a bonus of 100 000 GTA $ for playing at any time of the week.

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