Keeper Lukas Schellenberg returns to red

At FC Ingolstadt Schoenberg has been part of the team of the first team because 2019, for which he finished a compulsory video game in the regional mug. For the junior varsity of the FC Ingolstadt in the Bayernliga SUD Stand Schoenberg in the last season 21 times in the beginning elf as well as remained in 5 video games without acknowledging. With Lukas Schoenberg we complete our goalkeeper team, claims Fabian Gerber, train at the FC red-white Erfurt, on the WE homepage. Luke already has a lot of experience in his young age, finds out about the claims at the FC Red White Erfurt as well as will be an enrichment for the group.

Celebrating Keeper Left Red-Faced After 50-Metre Goal
Schoenberg is after assaulter Rosario Harrell as well as Midfielmann Angelo’s Keratitis (both Carl Zeiss Jena) of the 3rd women’s profits for Erfurt.

The 21-year-old Lukas Schoenberg was already energetic in his young people (from 2014 to 2015) in the Erfurt junior area as well as came across the terminal 1. FC Kaiserslautern in 2018 to FC Ingolstadt. After 4 years of the Shelley, Schoenberg alters a launch cost-free go back to Erfurt.

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