Calibly Voyage Simulation Sailors: Age of Corsairs announced. Make goods as merchants, hold supremacy as pirates

CRIMSON LION ENTERTAINMENT and MONUMENTS GAMES announced the simulation game SALES: AGE OF CORSAIRS on January 5. The compatible platform is PC (Steam), and the game corresponds to the Japanese language display. Release timing has not been revealed for now.

Sailors: Age of Corsairs is a simulation game that sells the stage of the 17th century Caribbean. Players are freely decided their way of life. It is also good to be a pirate and pursue wealth. In this case, various dangers will be upset. It is a merchant, and there is a way to sell and sell high and sell. However, pirates and other merchants must be careful. And players can also belong to different colonial powers. It is one way to belong to France Spain, England Netherlands and fight for the nation.

Players are responsible for guiding carries as captain and take care of care. If you don’t focus on Moral of the crew, the player’s position is dangerous. In particular, we will pay attention to keep the crew of executive class and important crew loyalty. On the ship, it is necessary to consider the health condition of the crew. Sometimes it also comes out of the need to start the betrayed. It would be better to carry a pistol with any danger.

In this work, harsh life at the sea has been reproduced. Of course, it is not only that, but not only that. Various diseases such as hemorrhagic disease, disaster rebels, and bad weather are also standing. As a captain, sometimes difficult decisions will be imposed.

In the sea, you can decide your destination and navigation. It is also freedom to make new allies and enemies. It is also possible to hire a new seafarer or trade with the colony, or hit other merchant ships and attack them. Random events may also occur in the sea, and every time you play, different experiences are likely to be waiting.

If you succeed in buying a status, such as pirate kings and large merchants, navy Admiral, this time you can create your own fleet and start a new colony. It is also possible to collide with other pirates to make a trade area. It is also possible to create a trading empire across the Caribbean, and can be influenced by local politics. He will be the power of the colony and grabbing the victory.

Sailors: Age of Corsairs - Announcement Trailer

Sailors: Age of Corsairs is scheduled to be delivered to PC at Steam. Release time is unknown for now.

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