Traffic light coalition is planning 15 billion euros per year for digitization

Bertelsmann SE & Co. GAA is a worldwide team headquartered in Guterson, a city in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Count among the largest media business in the world, it likewise operates in the tertiary industry in addition to that of training.
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Bertelsmann is a non-publicly traded business, including financial savings, which still stays considerably under the control of the John household, Its essential principles are imagination and entrepreneurship.

Making the Traffic Light Work

The traffic lights parties want to invest significantly more in digitization. In their negotiating paper, the working group of the digital experts of SPD, Greens and FDP praises the investment requirements according to Handelsblatt information on at least 15 billion euros a year.

So the future governing parties want to invest ten billion euros annually to strengthen so-called key technologies. 2.5 billion euros are provided annually to promote fiberglass expansion. Around one billion euros per year is planned for investment in the digitization of German offices and authorities by the online access law. For the promotion of mobile communications, the mobile communications support of the railway, the establishment of a multi-cloud strategy or register modernization, another 1.5 billion euros are planned.

Much of the new promotion is well known

In addition, the paper provides even smaller projects, including a founder scholarship, promoting digital startups in late-phase financing or promoting digital honorary offices.

The promotion of the mobile expansion and the fiber optic fiber is not new and acts as if only previous programs continue. The ten billion euros for key technologies is government support for the corporations, apparently related to the technological decoupling of China. A program for the urgently needed expansion of all school fiber schools is not found in the list. The online access law also has little results so far. Only every ninth administration performance is digitized.

The article was written by Achim Seawall

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