Western game cartoon Megalopolis knockdown reloaded Mission 28 Light shining in the bottom

If you are not good at grotesque expressions and cruel expressions, please refrain from browsing if you are under 18 years old.

Megalopolis knockdown reloaded so far is.

※ This work is fiction. There is no relationship with real persons and groups.

※ The digest version of the previous work Megalopolis knockdown can be viewed from here. Also, click here.

Click here for reading and purchasing the previous work Megalopolis knockdown

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The e-book version of the Megalopolis knockdown reloaded that Mr. Tarawa will handle the e-book version of the e-book version of Amazon.co.JP, is well-being launched on the electronic book delivery site, including Amazon.co.JP!

Game SPARK is a popular series in the series, the female elementary school student’s Uchomo-chan encounters the online difference game Megalopolis knockdown and scratching her mother’s eyes and killing her mother’s eyes. A story that fights in the world is drawn. In the Volume 1, not only a part of it is done, but Single Human has spent a moment with her family, is included at the end of the volume.

Megalopolis Knock Down Reloaded Electronic Book Version Volume 1 price is 450 yen + tax.

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