Spider-Man No Way Home MCU film already played a billion US

Spiro The Dragon is a collection of video games of platforms whose hero is Spiro, a young purple dragon. Given that its initial episode in 1998 on PlayStation, Spiro The Dragon, the game has experienced many suites as well as acquired games. Created by the United States Workshop Insomniac Gaming, the collection is edited by Sony Computer system Entertainment, Universal Interactive and lastly, Activision that launches in 2011 the Slanders derived series that comes to be a wonderful commercial success.

After being broken into the theatrical release of Spider-Man: No Way Home first records at the dioceses, the third part of the MCU trilogy has now managed to be the very first film during the pandemic sales of 1 billion US dollars generated worldwide.

No Way Home reaches milestone in record time

Spider-Man No Way Home $1 Billion in 11 Days! Pandemic Win!

In total twelve days it took that Spider-Man: No Way Home The brand cracks from a billion US dollars. Thus, the film then shares the third place with Star Wars: the awakening of the power that reached this milestone also after twelve days. Only faster was only Avengers Infinity was (11 days) and Avengers endgame, who will stay at the top with a record of five days. However, one must remember that all these films did not come to the cinema during a pandemic. Who knows what No Way Home had done without restriction.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is the most successful film of the year 2021

Little surprisingly, the MCU movie with Tom Holland was thus also the most successful film of the year. The previous leader came from China. Here The Battle at Lake Changing has achieved a side board of around 906 million US dollars.

Hollywood’s productions such as No Time to the (774 million.) or Fast & Furious 9 (726 million.) landed in 4 and 5 place. Shang-Chi made it with 432 million US dollars in 9th place and is the second more frequent marvel film of the year. Eternal completes the global top 10 from 2021 with US $401 million.

How is IT in the MCU?

For Marvel fans, a little break seems to be stated. The cinema is on 5 . May 2022 With Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness Next. Also, at Disney + there are currently no concrete dates for the series of the coming year. Confirmed for 2022 are already ms. Marvel, Moon Knight and She-Hulk.

Source: Box Office Mojo

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