500 more players Lost Ark Online records record interest

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Lyon dies, and Lost Ark online all the time grows in strength.

The latest data from South Korea (coming from December 26) confirm that the game enjoys amazing popularity.

Number (registration) new users increased by 545%
The number of users returning increased by 499%
The daily number of players increased by 135%
Monthly number of players increased by 116%

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LOST ARK Online KR has also established the second-best result when it comes to recorded players simultaneously. In the peak moment there were 230 thousand people (record is 240,000).

Details here.

Due to such a great interest in Lost Ark Online, Delegate RPG had to introduce queues and thus stabilize the situation on servers.

Lost Ark Online has always been a mega popular in South Korea, but recent events (preview of new continents, character classes, mini-games, even more righteous free-to-play etc.) caused a new wave of people who wanted to taste or come back to this Amazing time grows.

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