Rebooted Movie` Resident Evil Raccoon City `January Domestic Opening

Unlike the existing resident envelope movies of Mila Yoko Beach starring, reboot films made closer to Biohazard original games, Resident Evil: Raccoon City confirmed the domestic release schedule.

Sony Figures Curia announced on the 27th, Regenerative: Raccoon City Domestic release date was released as January 19, 2022 and released official posters. The poster is the same as the overseas version, and the phrase all stories began here is inserted.

This film features a faithfully reflected the setting of the original game. Wisconsin, Qing Valentine, etc., and Leon or Claire, which appears, as well as the character such as the Quality Valentine. Overall, it is said that the original game and recent remade biohazard RE: 2 settings were reflected in 2002.

RESIDENT EVIL: WELCOME TO RACCOON CITY - Official Trailer (HD) | In Theaters Nov 24

This film was released on November 24th in North America. But the evaluation is not so good. In the movie evaluation site, Proton Tomatoes were recorded in 29% of freshness, and in methacrytic, 44 points (out of 100 points out of 100), and 3.5 points (within a total of 100 points out of 100) were evaluated as 3.5 points (10 points). In terms of evaluation of media, ‘the unique personality has disappeared’, ‘the original personality disappeared’, ‘the spirit of the game was inherited, but it has been a lot of criticism to express it as a movie thrill.’ However, the ‘adaptive adopted game’ is the atmosphere that is recognized as everything.

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