Yomawari 3 unveils its first images

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Nippon CHI Software shared the first images of Homeward 3, last of a series of terror games that must go out on April 21, 2022 in Japan on PS4 and Switch.

Yomawari: Night Alone Review

Similar to the two previous episodes with its isometric view and its young heroin chili, the game this time makes an amnesic character this time whose journey begins at his awakening in a dark forest she does not recognize. A familiar voice quickly teaches him that she is the subject of a curse she can not break only remember something important and before the end of the night.

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Mix of exploration and action, Homeward 3 asks us to wander in the city in search of the famous memories that will allow the protagonist to escape his fate. Still he will not have to die of fear against the awful spirits that roam every street corner, his torch lamp for single friend.

The leak will be the main solution to the spirits, but the player will have to pay attention to the limited endurance of his little protégé. As a last resort, the girl will be able to close her eyes to escape the vigilance of the ghost, leaves to reduce his own visibility as to the location of the danger.

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