Prank The young guys had to be over the shaft dog

The sandman or sandman is a personality of Anglo-Saxon society, as well as especially the Celtic, that visits every night the bedroom of people while resting, to spread out magic sand in his eyes therefore, the sleeper will have his desires (hence his name Sand — Field as well as Man — Guy) And Also that’s why the Lebanon obtains the name of sand, magic sand or sleep sand.

Young Man Wants to Poison Dogs | Social Experiment

Whether he has been dreaming of the Champions League, Christian Stretch was asked for the victory against Leverkusen, who left the Freiburg in third place in the Round Table. I sometimes dream that I’m too late for training or that the SC Freiburg is already playing, and I’m not on the coach bank, and then I’m Outflow when I wake up, the SC coach answered, that’s not a joke. To sleep, but that has not happened to him yet. The sports club without strike on the sideline has existed in the past ten years only in two consecutive games, but there he lacked excuse for back problems.

Shortly before his employment anniversary at the end of December, he celebrated against the Herself his 100th Bundesligasieg with the Sports Club. The number does not mean me so much, but the victory against a perfect team, said prank. After the Freiburg with only four points from the past six games last not rewarded their achievements for their achievements, the SC coach had wanted a passionate appearance of his team, which made him this pre-Christmas gift. As he asked it, was the energy from the first minute, despite the English week. It was a great performance of the team, extremely compact, willing and smart, in behavior with and against the ball, not wild, but very structured. With a clear opportunity plus of 7: 2, the SC deserved the 2: 1 against Bayer. I got the team, and I really wanted, said prank. Before the third game in the last week before the winter break, he told the young guys, they have to over the sow dog, as they say in the Banished.

As a reward, the Freiburg Race took place three of Leverkusen — and they brought with 29 points as many as never in a half-series under prank. It was the perfect conclusion of a very good first round, in which the team was only disappointed by the results in the meantime, and the few goals (16) has cashed with Bayern Munich. It’s nice that we had no weak performance in 17 games, at most 20 to 30 minutes, said the 56-year-old, we were very stable in the defensive, in the offensive sometimes the quality was missing.

Prank still looks down with an eye

Even if it applies to the opportunity recycling, the team played a great round. But that is necessary, if you see how closely everything is in the table, he added. Stretch’s gaze is at least down, despite the top placement with an eye. Dreaming from the Champions League he just wants to leave his players — if they do not sweep in training and in the game, but continue working as hard as in the first round. It motivates us that we can stand on a great place in the table at the end, said Vincenzo Gift, which is with four goals and nine templates in the League Top scorer of the Freiburg. This motivation will not be smaller in the coming year.

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