Eye with Elden Ring spoilers Details are filtered that unlip the end of the game and other key moments

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From Software has managed to coast an outstanding reputation in the video game sector, so it is no surprise that Elder Ring fans are impatient for their release. This emotion leads to the community two pretty opposed situations: first, that Banzai NAMC suspends the reserves of the collector edition before the Avalanche of Shopping, and second, that the Detainees have already filtered Key elements the adventure.

We encourage you to take the necessary precautions to avoid spoilers We will not detail the characteristics of this content, because we do not want to destroy the experience of any player. However, it should be noted that this filtration is quite serious, then, as aiming NGC, 3,000 voice files, characters models, animation data and dialogue lines on missions have been published. Together, this action has revealed key moments of the argument and the content related to the end of the game.

Therefore, we encourage you to take the necessary precautions to reach February 25, 2022 totally free of spoilers, since the experience in this sector has shown us that the networks are relentless when it comes to gutting a product. Because, while we felt curiosity towards those hidden elements in the Beta of November, this time the leaks could spoil the approach of any player with the title.

And is that the last trailer of Elder Ring causes the need for us to play it about immediately, although to taste the new from Software we still wait a couple of months. In addition, the publisher is perfectly aware of the illusion around this delivery, and that is why it expects a million sales only in its first month in the market.

ELDEN RING - Official Gameplay Reveal

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