Lee Jae Myung Candidate Complete Gacha Ban

In addition, the Democratic Party’s candidates said they will guarantee the use of the transparent information of ‘probability items’.

On December 13, Lee Vietnam said, revealed a commitment to probability items through Facebook. The game is worthy as future growth engines, beyond the important leisure activities of the 2030th generation. However, it is unfortunate that some companies that are imposed on the pursuit of profits are not only for the pursuit of profits than the interests of a number of users. Consumer complaints and user distrust is growing.

Gyeonggi-do Province governor Lee Jae-myung nominated as Ruling DP's presidential candidate

In order to solve this, this candidate is to resolve the exact configuration probability of probabilistic items and the exact configuration of the ‘Content Dispute Adjustment Committee’ ▲ Complete Geisha I was asking for it. In addition, we will provide a complementary book so that there is no excessive punishment for small and medium enterprises, and we will add to the power to pass through the amendment to the game law of the Democratic Party.

We will take care of the competitiveness of cultural industry, such as the game industry, as well as the game industry, and the game industry. This candidate is on December 12th, the day of December 12, I will actively be active in the protection of the rights of the exterior game users through Dismissive ‘Lee Joe Mung Gallery.


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