Peter Molyneux does a new game type play and

Peter Milieux is one of the legends of the Game Industry. Unfortunately, if most people are associated with really excellent games like Dungeon Keeper, Black & White, whether Fable, he has on his account and some stem. I am talking here mainly about God, which ultimately was not completed, what the winner of Curiosity project: What’s Inside The Cube? He did not receive his prize.

It is not strange that people with a certain distance approach the next game of this creator. He announced with his studio 22Cans a project called Legacy, who will be a business / trade simulator, based entirely about Blockchain. The game will receive its cryolite legacy coin, based on Ethereum, and will also sell virtual lands in the form of NFT tokens. Of course, everything is advertised, as Play and Earn.

What should I rely on the Legacy? On the creation of a virtual business. Everything you do / create in the game can bring you a profit. Starting your business and playing, win Legacy Keys. You can give them to other players to start their own investment in Legacy and in this way they became your business partners. In this way, you will earn on their profits.

Legacy: Peter Molyneux’s newest game I Levels

When it comes to Gameplay, Legacy will soon focus on trade. We will design items and buildings, created them in factories and then sold other players and fought for their existence on the free market. Legacy will offer various types of professions and events that will check your business skills as well as managerial skills. The heart of the game will eventually be to create your own, well prospering town that we want to turn into business money.

Legacy beyond this blockchain shell, it is to be a network simulator where we receive a city to manage. You can find more about the game here.

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