How to get Xaku the broken frame in warframe

Baku arrived in Warframe with the HEART OF DEIMOS update, bringing the community designed to Broken Frame to fight the enemies of Tenn. They are the 44th Warframe to be added to the game.

Baku is maintained together by the energy of the vacuum and can separate on order. As Baku is composed of three different Warframe, twisted and enlaced with around each other by the furious energies of the void, they are the first Warframe not to have an official sex.

How to get Baku

To get your hands on Baku, you have to go to Deimos and play through the Heart of Deimos Quest. Once you have finished the quest, it will give you the Baku plan.

To get the rest of the Baku components, you will need to complete mother premiums, a NPC of the Neuralink. The premiums you will need to complete are:

Neurotics — Level 15-25 Bounty — Rare drop
Systems — Level 30-40 Premium — Rare Fall
Chassis — Level 40-60 — Rare drop
Chassis — Level 100 Steel Path — Rare Fall

You will need to grind premiums until all components fall for you, then you can build them with the resources required in your foundry and combine them with the main plan to create the Baku Warframe.

How Long Does It Take to Farm for Xaku? - Warframe

We will have a complete list of necessary resources as soon as we have obtained all the plans.

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