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From Square Enix ‘first big next-gene game foreseen we knew so far little. The previously mentioned Project Atria title impressed in trailers especially with its photorealistic graphic style and its crazy Parkour Movement through a picturesque fantasy world.

During the year, always new information were then released to the game: So For spoken wants (buy now €79.99) also tell a crazy story, is suddenly in the protagonist Frey Holland sucked out of New York City in the world and there as Atria will compete badass mage monsters and tyrannical rulers.

Just in time for the Game Awards 2021 revealed Square Enix then not only a new trailer, but also gave us the opportunity to look at the game as part of a hands-off preview closer. Since we do not say no, and you present our latest findings on magical open-world adventure!

The first half of the preview streams dealt fully with the lore of For spoken, more precisely its main character. Although we still do not know why Frey is suddenly sucked from the big city in the fantasy dimension, but the authors revealed to us that the New Yorker had to chew properly and at its normal life.

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self-discovery with hangover

We are curious how Frey’s first steps Atria look. How and why did verschlägt us to the other world, we do not know. Source: Square Enix The 21-year-old Frey has in fact not only lost their parents, but also has to contend with an indifferent society and the law. For an unspecified reason, the young woman at the time of involuntary trip to Atria seems close to a prison stay. The only one who still holds to her, is her faithful cat Homer, and she wants nothing more than differently build a new life somewhere with him and finally find their place in the world.

A premise that reminds us with their combination of social and political issues, lots of fantasy and a coming-of-age theme of Life is Strange, albeit in a completely different gameplay corset. Much more than the rough context, however, we were not presented — It therefore remains to be seen whether the game manages to weave his equally inclined as current history into a coherent whole.

To this end For spoken has a four-person writing team on board: In addition to Gary Whit ta, who at the Book of Eli and Star Wars: Rogue One was involved, Uncharted- expected and legacy of Cain-writer Amy Henning the most famous name on the list. The team led by the two main authors Allison Ryder (Shadow Hunter: The Mortal Instruments) and Todd Stash wick (12 Monkeys) will present his story primarily from female perspectives.

Frey will be a tough, humorous figure, but still has vulnerability and depth because of the many obstacles in their lives. It embodies is of Ella Babinski that we know from the 2019er version of 3 Charlie’s Angels.

New World, old problems

Break-zombies and other monsters running in droves around in the game world. Fortunately, we have powerful spells with splash damage it. Source: Square Enix Even after their involuntary escape from the big city do not tear off the problems: In the fantasy world of Atria the New Yorker falls without mince course like a sore thumb. Accordingly, it is by the local authority, the Qantas labeled a demon, because she has magical abilities, the people do not understand.

Because but Atria is due to a disaster called The Break shortly before the fall, the opportunity to prove himself as the savior opens up for Frey.

Except for a few cities and smaller places of refuge was Atria completely destroyed by the break, and people who are in the thick fog are turned into zombies and other monsters. In the preview we got especially rugged to see misty desert regions, which extended to a larger city around.

How we can interact with the friendly NPCs, is still largely unknown, but we could make so many in the city question mark above their heads. A clear indication of quests and dialogues! The focus of the gameplay presentation was instead on fighting and movement.

Parkour, but magical

Foresospooks wants to score with the exploration of his huge, enemy game world and gives us a Magic Parkour called motion system to the hand: As in a medieval version of Infamous, our magical skills do not only serve to clear opponents, but they can also make us effortlessly Climb buildings, stylishly bridge stylish through the air and bridges long distances by pressing hooks.
Atria apparently offers a very rugged landscape with a lot of verticality. Perfect for our magical parkour arts. Source: Square Enix with this almost exaggerated fast movement and a lot of verticality could have an ace in the sleeve to other, most relevant open-world games, the game world should also be filled with interesting content and not only serve as a racetrack to the next destination. Fun, it looked all!

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