75 minutes Override Meppen is beating Viktoria Berlin sovereign

Happen coach Rico Schmitt changed his starting formation after the 0: 5 disassembly at Contract Braunschweig on two positions: Helen and Puttkammer played for Ruder and Gear.

Viktoria Coach Benedetto Pizzicato also changed two times compared to the jobless points division against Turkish cu: Knapp and Cacao ran for Lead (red-locked) and the ones.

Earlier place reference for PICKET

Let´s Play - Football Manager 2022 - 12 - Wintertransfers, Meppen & Viktoria  Berlin- [Deutsch]

After a short sampling, the game took up early on: Al-Hakam had a head on the crash (7.), a little later, the leather fell after a corner Talmudic in front of the feet, which enforced out of a good 10 meters to 1: 0 (11. ). Shortly thereafter, it came to the next damper for the guests: After only 15 minutes, Picket saw his second yellow card and had to go to the cabin at an early stage, Berlin played to tenth from this moment. A horror start for the Viktoria.

As a result, guests were from the role, Happen took over the control. The SV caught up with the opponent and sought gaps in the lowest Berlin behind team. Talmudic found this in the 27th minute: The captain left two oppressors after a beautiful steep pass from Black and sank the ball to the 2-0 under the latte.

Alone a strong parade of Kraal then prevented the 3: 0 (34.), from Berlin continued little to nothing. Shortly before the break, however, almost the ballot hit: KFC grabbed the ball after a bad pass in front of the Pepper gate and hit the latte with the only Berlin completion of the first half. With the 2: 0 it was in the break.

Happen does not burn nothing

Happen continued in passage two, where it had stopped at the end of the first half: the SV besieged the penalty area of ​​the guests, the first clear chance had Bartender, whose degree was able to clarify the craft at the last moment to the corner (51.).

Over long stretches of the second half passed quite little. Happen did not necessarily seem to want to achieve a third goal, Berlin could hardly take place in the event of underneath anyway. In the 77th minute, the SVM then finally made the lid on it, Helen sank a template of Amato ice-cold in the lower left corner.

In the final quarter no more did not happen much, the SVM brought the leadership sovereign over time. So the duel ended with 3: 0.

Happen has on Saturday at 2 pm the Halleschen FC to the guest, Viktoria Berlin travels already on Friday evening (19 clock) to the Cologne Viktoria.

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