You can now buy OLED switch dock separately

The Dock of Nintendo Switch OLED is one of the improvements that many fans were waiting for. While at a distance this attachment seems very similar to the one that was already available to the original model, here we find an Ethernet port, and this piece of hardware is able to receive updates. Now, after a couple of months of uncertainty, recently confirmed that this new Dock can be purchased separately.

However, the Dock of the OLED switch can only be achieved in the official Nintendo online store. This package does not include an HDMI cable, AC adapter, or a special package. All stakeholders can buy their dock for $69.99 dollars in white or black.

As if that were not enough, the back cover, which is removable, can also be achieved for only $5.99. Unfortunately, these two objects can only be obtained at the Nintendo online store in the United States and Europe. At the moment there is no information about other regions.

How To Buy Nintendo Switch OLED Dock Separately!

On related topics, the switch had the best week of its history in the United Kingdom a few days ago. Similarly, the SHOP of the Switch has received a new category.

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