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The Survival Game Myth of Empires celebrated a magnificent start to Steam, but then disappeared without a trace. The developers already clarified that collected copyright infringements have led to it. Now rumors become loud that the developers of the successful Dino Adventure ARK: Survival Evolved are responsible for this.

Update from 9th December – 11:26 clock:

Has Myth of Empires cubed at ARK: Survival Evolved?

After the Survival Game Myth of Empires has disappeared without a trace of Steam, the developers had announced that a accusation on copyright infringement is in the room, which is unlisted.

How Gamers now wants to learn from confidential documents is to come the claim of Studio Wildcard and Snail Games. These are the developers and publishers of ARK: Survival Evolved. You claim that Myth of Empires use the source code of the Dino Survival Adventure. (Source: gamer)

It should be Former employees of Snail Games China with myth of empires with on board, at least one of them to have had access rights to the source code of ARK.

The developers of Studio Wildcard set for the release of Myth of Empires also frightening similarities in terms of gameplay mechanics, which make a coincidence impossible. Even when analyzing the code data, the developers found that several names of functions and variables are identical to those of ARK.

The developers of Myth of Series have already commented on the rumors and writing in a tweet the following:

Yesterday, after we have informed you about the reasons for the temporary steam removal of Myth of Empires, rumors have distributed over the identity of the company in our community, which should have submitted the complaint to Steam. We want to assure The fact that the rumors have inconsistencies to the actually involved parties. But from respect to the legal process, we can currently not announce any further details.

In addition, they call players to refrain inappropriate behavior compared to the parties alleged in the rumors.

Whether Myth of Empires has now served with the source code of ARK: Survival Evolved, legal instances will probably have to be examined. We keep you up to date.

Survival games are still popular. But which are the toughest of the genres? This picture line shows it:

Original message from 8 December:

Steam hit disappears from platform

Since 18 November, Steam players could enjoy the Early Access version of the Open World Games Myth of Empires. The game immediately attended the players and even shot into the top seller of the platform.

But since the 4 . December is the game gambling in the Middle Ages disappeared from the shop pages. The developers of Angela Game have now written a statement on their website and clarify the reasons for Steam removal :

A few days ago, Steam received the assertion of an alleged copyright infringement regarding Myth of Empires. In order to meet the requirements of the DMCA (US law in connection with copyright) and to protect against its own liability, Steam Myth of Empires has removed from the shop as a precaution.

Our development team insured: Angela Game has all the rights and content related to Myth of Empires and will clear all doubts and allegations. We are in contact with Steam and try our best to bring the game back to the platform. We apologize For all players for the inconvenience.

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When Myth of Empires will return to the steam shop, is still unclear. Hopefully the allegations can be cleared as quickly as possible.

If you do not have an impression of the game, you can watch the trailer to Myth of Empires again:

What happens to the servers of Myth of Empires?

Furthermore, the developers work improvements and updates for the survival game, which they can not play due to the incident, however. Buyers of the game will still be insured the continuous work at the game.

As it seems, the Server of the game are still online. Players who already own the game can still play it.

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