Sony fires head of technology department because he supposedly a 15

George Cacioppo was Senior Vice President of Engineering at Sony and should now be released. The reason for this is the video of an internet organization that has committed to the fight against pedophilia. There, Cacioppo should be seen as he has appointed sex with a 15-year-old.

That’s the situation:

On 3 December, the YouTube channel published People v. Press a video. According to this video, a user called Jeff on the platform Grind with a 15-year-old boy to have an appointment with him at home.
In the video itself, no offense can be seen. However, People v is called. Press to own image material, which should greatly burden Jeff. You also have published some chat logs with Jeff on Grind.
According to your statements, Jeff should be George Cacioppo, a Sony employee. A recognition feature is said to have been the PS5 shirt, which carries Jeff and also has Cacioppo.
The website CNET contacted Sony and get a statement. It says: The situation is known to us and the person concerned was released.

Who is George Cacioppo? Cacioppo worked since 2013 at Sony. He was head of the Technic Department at Sony and responsible for the PlayStation Network and the PS Store, as can be found in his LinkedIn profile.

Case went to the public because the police did not want to react

What is in the video to see? The first almost 70 seconds of the video are just a summary of age issues. The real video starts at 1:13. There, the cameraman runs a road down to a house, before the Jeff stands. She welcomes himself, but as Jeff sees the camera, he goes back to the house.

The cameraman offers him the option for a conversation in front of the door or threatens otherwise to call the police. But Jeff closes the door.

ESG/Technology Briefing

The video of People v. Press can you watch here:

Why was the video ever live? As the website Kodak reports, the members of People v. Press made the video publicly because the police did not want to work with Cyber ​​Groups as they work. That’s why they put on the strength of the Internet.

However, all evidence and recordings should have been handed over to the competent authorities.

Who is behind the action? People v. Press are a registered non-profit organization that has made itself the task of tackling criminals that pass to children. They want to protect victims of their own statement, prevent future crimes and make public attention to the public.

On YouTube, you have created 94 videos in the last 4 months, in which a person should have been unloaded as a pedophile.

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