New World New patch contains some hidden changes that players did not like

If a game receives a new patch, it will be accompanied by associated patch notes in most cases, which list all changes to the new update. The developers of Amazon’s New World brain in their patch notes, however, the word all. So there is also the new patch, which is currently on the PTR, some hidden changes, which are not listed in the patch notes.

New World Patch contains numerous unlisted changes

The Reddit user Kaptainkeel shared three days ago with the hidden changes to the new PTR patch. This Stealth Changes found the user via Data Mining by looking at the differences of live servers and the PRS. In his list, the user did not take all hidden changes with, as some simultaneously had to be understood too big or hard to understand, or he deliberately oversight.

Among the hidden changes include among other things some slowdowns of large axes and the war hammer, and reinforcements of the ice lunches and the musket. Most of these changes are likely to be happy about these changes, as mostly large ax in the community was considered significantly too strong. Whether the slowdowns are sufficient, it is possible to go.

Furthermore, the trees were probably slowing away a bit, and it is now possible to combine some resources to create a T5 resource. As an example, 250 orichalcum can be called, which can be transformed into a trivium.

Grind of the Watermark system has been increased

In addition, there are some changes in the Watermark system, which probably increase the associated grind for a lot. In addition, the new Gypsum system turned out to be extremely expensive. However, the New World Developer TigerCr4ne confirmed in the title official forums, but that the Tale’s cost of the system will be reduced by a lot until the proper publication of the patch.

The community is not too enthusiastic about these hidden changes for the most part, for example, on 3 December, a new contribution was written in the forums of the MMOs, which now has more than 400 comments. The pretty hot discussions rotate mainly about the increased grind of the Watermark system.

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