Why my match Call of Duty Warzone does not start

Call of Duty: War zone is there, and the action is intense, with a number of nice additions to the series that give it enough flavor to differentiate it from the last entry of the main series, Userre modern.

It allows up to 150 players in a single lobby solo, duet or trio to play one another, with money to collect, contracts and people to fight in the gulag after having been killed on the main card.

However, everything is not good for the moment. When you enter the new game mode, the game can make you wait for a while, because the settings of each server now seem to allow game start only when the lobby has reached full capacity. It may not be a problem when you play in a solo queue, but the Duos and Trios in particular will probably frustrate to find a match takes time to fill the numbers.

How To Fix Can't Join A Match Issue On COD Warzone | NEW 2020!

There are also reports that game lobbies are also on listening. This problem would force players in the pre-match lobby to stay there even after the game server launch and staying there without being able to take care of the game.

These two reasons, combined with usual start-up problems that are expected for online games only at launch, are probably the reason why your game does not start as long as the lobby is not full, or not at all. There is also a question mark to see if the problems also affect the autonomous version of the game, because the problems reported so far seem to come from the mode in the modern.

Given the amount of marketing and hype surrounding the new game, it is unlikely that the bugs will be left for a long time, so expect that they are resolved during the day of launch.

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