PS plus announcement of the free games for December 2021 is imminent

Sony prepares the announcement of the free games for PS plus in December 2021. If nothing changes at the expiration, the list of coming inclusive games is followed by tomorrow’s Wednesday, December 1st. This time, a small special rule intervenes: Normally, Sony announces the new PS plus games on the last Wednesday of the current month and finally released them on the first Tuesday of the following month as a download. Because the first Tuesday for the upcoming line-up falls on the 7th of December, the announcement takes place this time only in the new month.

The announcement of the free games seems to be a formality. Because once again the user Billbil-Kun has already revealed the bid for PS plus in advance — published on the French bargain side The details also vote for December, PS plus members in the new month receive the action role-play Godfall in the XXX XXX Edition at no extra charge — for both PS4 and PlayStation 5.

Playing thrust for PS4 & PS5

Especially for PS4 it should give the Action-RPG Mortal Shell and the adventure Lego DC Super Villains with a PS plus subscription including. Whether the leak is true, will probably show tomorrow. In recent months, Billbil-Kun was always correct with his pre-temporary information on the respective free matches at PlayStation Plus. Where the user refers to the information is not known.

Until the release of the new PS plus games, you will find access to the games that Sony distributed Sony in November: Knockout City, First Class Trouble, Kingdoms of Amateur: Re-Reckoning and PSV Games The Persistence, The Walking Dead: Saints & SINNERS AND UNTIL YOU CASE. To get access, you need active membership at PS plus — the annual subscription costs about 60 euros.

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PlayStation Plus (PS4 and PS5) December 2021 (PS+)

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