Forza Horizon 5 Patchotes for December Update

The team led by Fora Horizon 5 is continuously working on improvements to the racing game and presents the patch notes for the December update. In summary, you can see all the points that have been fixed in this update or improved.

Version Number:

Xbox One: 2.414.967.0
Xbox series: 3.414.967.0
PC: 3.414.967.0
Steam: 1.414.967.0

game stability

Several stability improvements
Fixed crash that could occur when loading Chapter 6 in the Born Fast Horizon Story
Fixed crash that could occur when re-play through the Canyon Expedition
A soft lock that could occur during the Baa Expedition has been fixed.


Improvements may disappear for a problem where the convoy members and other players
Horizon Open — The number of races in open racing events before a change of vehicle has been reduced from 5 to 3
Horizon Open — The Goliath was removed from the pool in order to avoid long waiting times on the race final
Horizon Open — Find the stretches of road races now take place at night
Horizon Open — S2 cross-country race from the rotation away
Horizon Open — Fixed an issue with the HUD for the scoring in the Open Drifting
Eliminator — Random position of the Eliminator car bombing
Fixed an issue where the search for a convoy convoy Search could lead to an infinite charging
Convoy leaders who LINK Invitation accept a Fora, now accept for the entire convoy
The convoy icon on the player label on the map has been updated to be more readable
Horizon Arcade — The points target now scales based on the number of participants
Horizon Arcade — Fixed a problem, have reported to the convoy members different scores
Horizon Arcade — Preferred grouping of players in larger groups at the beginning of the event
Horizon Arcade — The time when the radius of a Horizon arcade events will be shown on the map before it starts, has been increased to 10 minutes
Horizon Arcade — The final requirements for some Horizon arcade events have been adjusted
Horizon Arcade — Fixed an issue where the discovery could enable a barn discovery during a Horizon arcade Events players in a bad game state
Horizon Arcade — Fixed an issue where the HUD for Horizon arcade mini-missions did not inform the players when the next mission begins
Horizon Arcade — There are unique icons added to the map for each Horizon Arcade Game Type
Horizon Arcade — Fixed an issue that could not be shown in which some ramps during Horizon Arcade Bullseye events
Horizon Arcade — The requirements for the conclusion of the festival were reduced Playlist
The vehicle restrictions for Horizon Tour were clarified
Fixed an issue where surpassing a record in Rivals and Series Rivals no new rival in the post-race screen indicated
Fixed an issue were displayed an incorrect score with the player in Playground Games events, if a player wanted to play
Fixed an issue where in-line road race no traffic was present
Fixed an issue with the Hairpin while playing expeditions in co-op
Fixed an issue with the disappearance of AI cars while playing expeditions in co-op

steering wheel compatibility

Fixed an issue where the key prompts do not appear for users with a Logitech G920 were
Exploiting dangers


Fixed an issue where their car tune with the players before the start of a race to a higher class of vehicle could
Fixed an issue where the times of Blueprint Events incorrectly entered into the leaderboard for the race at this location
Fixed an issue where players were with changed speed settings capable of in the Rivals- and PR stunt rankings to appear.


Fixed an issue where the pause menu indicating two tabs at the same time, if you turned the focus from the game and the break with a controller was staying
Fixed an issue were ignored when the mouse input in the Horizon Story Post Race Stars screen
The mouse could not move the camera more during the pre-race Cinematic
Fixed an issue where the warning was not displayed correctly at low video memory on AMD Renoir
Fixed an issue where there were graphical artifacts on the screen at a resolution of 3440 × 1440
Improved notification outdated drivers


’98 Toyota Supra OZ — Fixed problem with window cladding and various other corrections to upgrade parts
Free roam convertible functionality for the Willy’s Jeep and the Porsche 918 Spider added
’18 BMW M5 — Color of the front left brake caliper corrected
’70 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler series brakes can not be painted
DeLorean logo corrected on the Car Collection screen
Reduced gear shift numbers in the series auto audio
The motor noise for the Porsche 918 Spider has been updated


A problem has been resolved in which some completed Accolades were again displayed as incomplete
An issue has been resolved in which Accolades have not been unlocked for photographing statues in the El Camino story
A problem has been fixed in which the Accolade was not unlocked for taking an abbreviation in the last chapter of the Lucia de Carreteras-Story
Fixed: With woken up in the desert the player did not have to sit in the intended car
The description of unlimited force has been corrected so that it is now unlimited terrain and no longer extreme terrain means
Ready, set, go! If the player lost the race
Some awards were removed that could be incomplete if the player had to complete a PR stunt in a particular car
Types of types in the description of the Aston Martin Vantage A True Advantage corrected from 2018 to 2019
For Ford of the Wings the destination was not displayed when it was attached
It has been fixed a problem where the monster darker could not be completed when the player wins after a restart
The Canon Run awards have been updated to use the right name
The number of required air skills for the Air in a G-cart has been corrected
A problem with the Accolade unbeatable dirt racing has been fixed in which the progress was not counted correctly
The Money to Burn accolade no longer leads the players into the wrong drift zone
The Don’t Break It, There isn’t Many Left -accolade has been updated to inform the player about the hazard sign that it has to complete
It has been fixed a problem in which the attachment of accolades for some hazard signs did not fix the route correctly
The possibility was added to jump in the Accolade menus to rewards.


The second screen in front of the Super7 event now shows title and description instead of the Creator and the description
It has been fixed a problem in Super7, where it could come to a long charging time when players create a challenge far away from a street
Fixed issue where Super7 challenge props have not been loaded after publication
A problem has been resolved where players could no longer receive new Super7 challenges
An incorrect VO line was removed when returned from Super7 to Free roam


It has been fixed a problem in which seasonal PR stunts 1mph / 1ft / 1 m was more needed, although the final criteria were met
Event Lab — props are now displayed in the color variant selected before placing
When creating Event Lab events, some faulty props were removed in the stadium
A problem has been fixed where player could not see their own events in the Event Blueprints menu
The variable place in the game rules has been changed in Rank to be representative
Fixed a problem in Blueprint Builder, where the thumbnail of the props did not appear
The procedure of the Fora link tutorial has been changed to prevent players from stuck with custom control mappings
Scroll delay for long forza link sentences added to improve readability
A problem has been resolved in which Fora link has not set a route when sending Follow me in response to the barn invention inquiry
Rewind during a showcase could cause the game to ignore the offline game speed setting
The Infinite Car Collection now assigns the stones forza link sentence
It has been fixed a problem where the player has been spawned on the false place when playing through expeditions
Added accessibility option to continue Horizon Stories without complete the foregoing challenges
The banners of the glory hall have not prioritized friends who joined the glory hall.
Different faulty fast travel points have been fixed that could lead to the player staying stuck
A problem has been fixed where the player’s home Lugar Tranquil could be closed again after the purchase
It has been fixed that player labels indicated the wrong PI on the map

The New Forza Horizon 5 Update Has Broken Headlights
The marathon icon no longer overlaps the icon for the outpost of Horizon Street Scene on the map
The card filters have been changed so that the eliminator card symbol is now displayed under the multiplayer events and no longer under the festival locations
The clipping of the camera through the scenery during the movie sequence after the race has been fixed
Fixed problems with clipping at different garments in character creation
Problem with the incorrect price display for Car Pass and Premium Add-ons Bundle fixed in Steam
A problem has been resolved in which the festival playlist indicates more points than could be achieved
It has been fixed that Prestige stars were not displayed in online rankings
The festival playlist screen has been added to display the eligible vehicles at the seasonal PR stunts
The last checkpoint in road races now differs visually from the normal control points
The Add Level function in the LIVERY editor now adds the level correctly to the tip of the stack
The pursuit of achievements for the achievement unlimited skills has been fixed
A problem has been fixed, through which player could skip the entire race in Chapter 2 of Lucia de Carreteras
A problem has been fixed where the radio could be switched on again after switching off
The speed-up message in the pause menu has been updated to correctly inform the player that they bring him to the next festival area
A problem has been fixed where the player could be switched from manual to the automatic corridor after a cutscene

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