Complete New Work TV Anime Shaman King First App Games Shaman King Fumorch Chronicle and 4 Game Original Characters including the original importive illustration of Takei Hirayuki

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STUDIO Z Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minatory, Tokyo, Representative Director CEO: Seiko Its) is the first smartphone app game Shaman KING (Changing) under popularity broadcast Shaman KING Flipper Chronicle In (commonly known as: Funk), a complete original new character was released.

STUDIO Z Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minatory, Tokyo, Representative Director CEO: Seiko Its) is the first smartphone app game Shaman KING (Changing) under popularity broadcast Shaman KING Flipper Chronicle In (commonly known as: Funk), we have released a complete original new character.

The original Ira’s and the setting are the original er Hirobumi Take, and our staff who are also the fans of the same work are faithfully reproduced the world view and thoughts of Mr. Take.

Fulfill Original Character 4 Introduction

The original person Take Hirobumi has been a brush of the setting and the original illustration, and the character of the Shaman King was born as it is, and the characters who can be familiar with the fans were born.

If I / I have a character in Shaman King’s world? We will build relationships with the main characters familiar with the concept. The comments received from the voice actors who lived in each original character will also be disclosed.

※ Title abbreviation, unlikely

(1) Coal (CV: Korematsu Umeå)

Think of a ghost that goes to Moreno Taken, 13 years old. She is the same class with Obama Manga. Her Joel’s fate moves greatly to meet her ghost man (?) Shelf fully open transfer student.

(2) Millikan (CV: Mid Nose)

Another Shaman that appeared in front of Joel. Her spirits lock. She is a late mission, but her motion nerve is bad but not her ball. She teaches the presence of Sherman Fight… Furthermore, she seemed to have herself and seems to have a thought that himself to her coming.

(3) Primary spirit Rock (CV: Kon-Tiki Kabuki)

Millishira spirits. Mediation is a Karachi doll. While she is Millishira’s brother, the handling is released. This seems to have a relaxing of locking…

(4) Io (CV: Takashi Such)

A young man who names the patch tribe that operates Chapman Fight Into Key. The expression is hidden in the mask and the meaning can not be seen.

Shaman King Humor Chronicle

Shaman KING Lumbar Chronicle (common name: Funk) is a game work for the first official smartphone of TV anime Shaman King.

The first fans, such as the function of the high quality 3D graphic that faithfully reproduced the world view of Shaman King, and the function that can be prepared for the story in Manga tic (manga tic) mode of the new sense, of course, If you touch Shaman King, it is a work that can be immersed in the world.

What is the TV anime Shaman King

Take Hirobumi series A total of ¥38 million broke up to 38 million copies Shaman King is a full new work TV anime during acclaimed broadcasting from April 2021.

When we announced a new animation in June 2020, it has been a very popular popularity in Japan and abroad even more than 20 years since the first place of the TWITTER World Trend.

▸ Official site:

App Overview

Applied Name: Shaman KING Lumbar Chronicle Genre: 1 Smartphone RPG Release Scheduled Time: December 8, 2021 (Wednesday) OS: IOS / Android Usage Price: Basic Play Free (With In-app billing) ▸ Pre-registration site: HTTPS: // ▸ Store Pre-booking URL: ▸ Official Twitter: HTTPS: // game

About copying light display

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© Take Hirobumi, Romansh / Shaman King Project. TV Tokyo © Studio Z, Inc.

About Studio Z

Studio Z is an entertainment company that attracts a game creator who has sent a lot of hit works to the world in Cruise Ltd. Suburb Mechachureo Motion was raised in the vision, and it was born as a 100% consolidated subsidiary of Cruise Co., Ltd. in November 2016.

Company Profile

Company name: Studio Z Co., Ltd.: November 1st, Corporation 6-8-10 Established: November 1, 2016, Capital: 1,200 million yen Business: Planning, Development, Operation of Games for Smartphone:

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