Hanasaki Sakunahime free Apde Hanasaki or Sakuna is a great renewal Large price is released on December 9

Marvelous is a free update that renewed the mini-game Kawasaki, Sauna to Kawasaki, Such to Metal Abrams in Sakunahime of the heaven for Nintendo switch / PS4, Kawasaki, Such vs. Metal Arm Chicken, Date December 2nd It was distributed from the tree).

This update improves the tempo and behavior of the mini-game, as well as an increase in the number of stages and new elements such as new enemies. In addition, updates on the game main story are also implemented such as adding cooking and balance adjustment.

On December 9 (Thursday), the package version of the See Sakunahime Best Price, which has become an easy-to-use price and an easy-to-pay price, will be released.

◆ In-game mini-game Kawasaki or Sauna is a great renewal to Kawasaki or Sunkuna-Metal Arm Chicken !

Today’s delivery update, in-game mini-game Kawasaki, Sauna in the game to protect the creation tree from an approaching enemy, Renewed to Kawasaki or Sunken vs Metal Abramish-Kun !

Siouxxie - Masquerade (Intro)

A new cruise-soul is added as the number of stages and the reward has been added, and the degree of ability powered up.

Also, Metal Arm Chicken appeared as a new enemy. When the enemy that blown off is a collision, it will bounce, Rainbow Abram Chicken that explodes Giant Abramshi-kun or blowing off, and if you defeat it
Angel Abrams-Ichin which rushes into the service time is added.

Enjoy the Kawasaki or Sauna renewed!

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