Pokemon Go Announces New Tour Pokemon Go Johto Event

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The Future of Pokémon GO Looks Exciting! (Johto Tour, Dragon Event, New Shiny Legendaries!)

Pokémon GO is bringing back its popular Pokémon GO Tour event for the second year. Today, Ni antic announced that he would celebrate his second Annual Event Pokemon Go Tour in 2022, this time focused on the Photo region. The event will take place on February 26 and 27. No other details were provided for the event, apart from that it will require a paid ticket, similar to the Pokemon Go Tour: Kant event. More information will be provided closer to the event.

The Pokemon Go Tour event: Kant last year was a celebration of the original Pokemon Games in celebration of its 25th anniversary. The event featured a collection challenge with the original 150 Pokemon, as well as a special research search that culminated with the appearance of Shiny Ditto and access to a second special research search involving Shiny Mew. Players who participated in the event also received access to improved generation rates of all original Pokemon along with improved Shiny rates for many of those Pokemon. In particular, the event was the first time that the original 151 Pokemon had their shiny forms available in Pokémon Go.

Almost 20 Pokemon Photo still does not have its shiny shapes available at Pokémon Go which probably means that we will see those Pokemon thrown during the event. The exclusive regional Pokemon that were originally seen in Photo include Her across and Cor sol, which should also be available for all players during the event. The legendary Pokemon of the Photo region include Ho-Oh, Lucia and the Suicide legendary beasts, Enter and Haiku. The only mythical Pokemon of the Photo region is Celebs.

Pokémon GO also announced a complete list of plans for December, including the launch of an event with dragon theme, one day of the SWING incense and the return of a festive Event of the Year. The game also announced a new SEASON OF HERITAGE event that seems to be related to the Pokemon: Areas, the next game of Nintendo Switch set in a last era of the Singh region. December will also feature a new rotation of raid Pokemon and seasonal engenders, as well as a new meeting Research Breakthrough with Dan.

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