Halo Infinite The first six games will give much more experience

HALO INFINITE is one of the games that are in various conversations, but sometimes not because of the positive aspects. One of the complaints is that the progression of levels is very slow for current standards, forcing that the methods have to be reviewed for experience. Thanks to this, a daily mission of 50 XP was added, the weekly challenges were summarized and there was an increase in the duration of improvement packages. But this was just the first step of 343 Industries.

the Halo Infinite Experience
Through a topic in the Twitter account, John Junyszek, Community Manager, shared more news. According to the data collected, the settings in the missions and experience bonds did not result in excellent news. In fact, it seems that players receive less amount of experience, something against what was in mind. As a solution, Halo Infinite team made a necessary adjustment to the first six games of the day. Basically, guaranteeing 1,000 XP that will help both constant players and those who play sporadically.

Before moving on to the distribution of experience, we must emphasize the commented by Junyszek. Changes to Halo Infinite are the first of many : There will be large-scale upgrades in the future, when there is the required information. For now, the feedback of the players will take a lot of protagonism at the work balance job.

Now, How much experience do the daily parties of Halo Infinite give?

First game: 200 XP
Second game: 200 XP
Third game: 200 XP
Fourth game: 100 XP
Quinta game: 100 XP
Sixth game: 100 XP

Seventh game and more: 50 XP

If the weekly challenges and other sources of experience are considered, the changes should point to a more fluid progress. The new distribution was applied this November 30.

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