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Net marble Cultural Foundation, 27th YouTube Channel ‘Net marble TV’

The Stream Jensen La Director, Net marble AI Center Ai Change Mounted League attends lectures

Take a quiz response to the audience and traffic through the quiz event

The Net marble Cultural Foundation said on the 27th that he tube channel ‘Net marble TV’ has conducted the 11th net marble game concert.

In 2021 Net marble Games Concert Main Theme, the fourth opened by the Games and Society this year, in this year’s fourth year, this lecture, established the Korea Video Art Archive ‘The Stream’, did.

One part of the Game Arts, which came into the art museum, said Jeongseong-rae, a story on the lecture, was explained through several examples of the game that shows the new possibilities as future art.

The Jeongseongra Director needs to think again as a diversity, new purpose, and imagination tool as a tool for imagination. I would like to see the game as a new art, but I want to see what the game is as a new art, he said.

LeagueAI: An AI Playing League of Legends using Deep Learning
Third lectures, the fierce mistake, which is the topic of the , how to present artificial intelligence from the past to the present in the past, I saw. She also had time to introduce the possibility of the development of artificial intelligence technologies shown in the future game.

Oh, the implementation, When we looked at the technical trend, the academic artificial intelligence technology is expected to be more grafted to the game development. As artificial intelligence technology evolves, it will be possible to create the content of the user, as it is easy to create the content directly or the user to make the content, he said, he said, As a result, I think it will come.

After the lecture, we have provided an opportunity to receive answers after the end of the lecture and submitted a quiz event, including a quiz event that draws various gifts such as airport pro and cultural gift certificate.

Net marble Game Concert is a social contribution program to share the game industry trends and future visions and share the expertise of experts and instructions to share the experts of various fields from 2019 to spread healthy gamble cultural foundations and spread healthy game cultural compositions.. From last year, it is provided in online forms to prevent Corona 19 proliferation and provides an opportunity to continue to participate in continuously.

For more information on ‘2021 Net marble Game Concert’, you can check through the Net marble Cultural Foundation homepage, and last game concerts can be viewed in YouTube Channel ‘ Net marble TV.

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