Producer of Bravely Default advances surprises for 2022

Sociopath Traveler is a computer game of the RPG styles for the Nintendo Switch, the Computer as well as the Xbox One. The game was created by Square Enix and also released by Nintendo. The switch variation appeared around the world on July 13, 2018, and also was currently selling over a million times in less than a month. Porting for Vapor appeared on June 7, 2019. The variation for the Xbox One appeared on March 25, 2021.

As soon as a few months have passed since Bravely Default II reached Nintendo Switch, but the community is already beginning to be questioned about the future of the series. Well, Tommy Asana, Producer de la Saga, revealed that there is currently nothing in development regarding new games, however, he said that the tenth anniversary of the franchise, which will be held in 2022, will have much greater Activity of normal.

Asana revealed the following as part of an interview for Fujitsu :

Sorry, but we have nothing under development with respect to a new game for bravely consoles default. However, because next year we celebrate our tenth anniversary, we hope that things are more active than normal compared to any year. Ensure it.

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The Japanese executive was very clear when saying that there is no development game for consoles, since there is currently one, but this will reach mobile devices and here you can learn more details about it. Returning to the main franchise, Asana mentioned that the following bravely default could take up to three or four years to develop.

Bravely Default II was very well-received by fans and as a result, we hope to go ahead with the saga. Said the above, we continue at a planning stage, and I suspect that the development of a new game could take another three or four years, so we thank you if you can be patient with us.

Editor’s note: It was to be expected that it was still going to miss a very good time for the next game of the saga, but we may have a look at the future next year. Maybe not with a trailer, but with some clue on this new delivery.

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