Lieberknecht Even a snot 1 0 would be right to me

With a view of the ghostly away game at Erzgebirge AUE you go warm and cold at the SV Darmstadt. That will be a hot box. We have to come there immediately at operating temperature, said coach Torsten Lieberknecht on Thursday. It is important to show a hot heart while preserving a cool head. And all at temperatures around the freezing point, which are expected for the game on Saturday (13.30! Live at Gjasula).

Football Lockdown Interested Lieberknecht Zero

That it is Corona-due to a ghost game is without great importance for Lieberknecht. AUE has already shown in the past that it could win without an audience. A football lockdown like this week of Ages President Hedge Leonard is required for Lieberknecht no topic. I’m zero, who says what’s what happens, is important that we prepare for the game, he said. I do not have to add my mustard to all the topics in the football world.

AUE, which is undefeated the past four games, also practicing injury due to injury a youth is researching or youth research, said Lieberknecht. He referred to young players like Antonio Ionic, Nicolas Kuhn or Omar Static. In addition, Routinizes like goalkeeper male or Jan Hochscheidt, who once played under favorite night in Braunschweig. AUE is for aggressiveness, high start and high pressing, but also be capable of a dignified game structure.

with mentality, battle hardness and aggressiveness for victory

The Darmstadt coach made it clear that we seek the victory and also used bold words: It’s shit, as you win this game there. This attitude we have to show on Saturday. Even a red 1-0 would be right for me To show that we also have and accept such games with insane mentality, battle hardness and aggressiveness in Petty.

Lars Frederiksen And The Bastards -
Inserts of Grassley and Many questionable

Question mark stands according to LieKerknecht behind the missions of Klaus Grassley, Braydon Many and Benjamin Roller. Grassley suffer from a stubborn cough. A corona test was negative. Albanian international had not known in October a corona infection. At Many, who had finally held a lot of swirls on the right outer train, the injury from the St. Pauli game turned out to be a bit more problematic bruise. Roller still has a backlog after a flu infection.

For Grassley, Demand Celtic would be the first choice. The Austrian had already represented the red-prone Grassley in the second round against St. Pauli in the defensive midfield. Fabian Quicksand is missing with a muscle bundle crack in the calf. Should many fail, could replace him Roller. If that is not yet available, this would be a new possibility for Erich Berk, to be recommended. His contract runs out at the end of the season.

Cracks before returning to the squad

The contract ends even at Tim Share. The 25-year-old wing player did not deny no game this season because of an adductor operation. In the meantime, he trains with the team again and is for the first time an option for the squad. He’s fun when you see him on the square, Lieberknecht said. That’s a plural decision. He could definitely be a possibility.

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