Action RPG Crichika C2x block body ecosystem joined

Code: You Dream (悠梦) - 3D action RPG (UNREAL ENGINE 4) Android CBT only
[INTERNATIONAL) The Platform Subscriber Game Bill Corporation (Representative Song Jae-won, GCP) was concluded, I announced.

According to the agreement, Global Banking Critical Online is reborn as a blockchain that is linked to the C2X (tentative) token. Action Role Performance Game (RPG) ‘Trichina Online’ has more than 2,000 subscribers in more than 70 countries since its launch, and features a colorful technology and a defense of the personality full of characters.

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This strategic partnership will continue to cooperate in the ecosystem, C2X block body. More specifically, the game planning and technical advice required to rebound as a block chain-based game, as well as various cooperation measures such as C2x token linkage and blockchain. This game will be released on the global market next year. In addition, mutual cooperation with new games and global services are expected to be further strengthened.

The ecosystem, which is a C2x block body, along with the game Bill and Com2s’s self-developed blockchain, which is presented from the first quarter next year, is increasingly expanding. Gatesville’s ‘Chromatic: AFK Reid’, Com2us ‘Summer Noun: Chronicle’ is leading the magnification of the game lineup, which is a mobile-based block body, It is expected to be.

Gatesville and Com2us are based on the game Bill Corporation, based on the C2x block body, and focus on the enterprise capacity to build and expand the ecosystem. Through the Terra Family Labs and strategic alliance, which operates the infrastructure in the global market, it is increasing its speed to the Self-Token and NFT exchange development.

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