Valorant developers planned to start the game without ranking mode

The rise in the Valorant ranks is the focus of the EGO shooter of Riot Games. When the game came to the market in June 2020, the players had to wait three weeks despite his appearance in the closed beta of Valorant until a ranking mode has been added to the game. These three weeks have long been forgotten, as Valorant is well over a year old — but Riot’s original plans for the competitive FPS would have led to the players’ executive producer of the game, Anna London, who have players waiting much longer.

In a presentation at a Conference of Tencent, the Chinese parent of Riot Games, London reveals the early development process and the Implementation Strategy of Valorant.

One of the most fascinating insights into London’s speech, which was of ‘Huge’ on Twitter, that Riot initially did not intend to start Valorant with a competitive ranking style mode, and believed that some time without this would help developers, his player base better to understand.

In early match tests with players who were familiar with Rainbow Six Siege and Counter-Strike, those who tried the game tried, but clear that the game has to start with a ranking mode or at least have to stand very shortly before the start.

One of the biggest teachings from you [what that] We could not ship [Valorant] without a ranking system, reveals London. It could be surprised to know that we did not actually have planned to deliver with a ranking system. We thought we could learn a little more about our players before we record them in the ranked game, but the expectations of a competitive queue at the start were really very high.

London also remembers her surprise during a conversation with a player in the game test that says it would be fine not to be ranked on the day of publication, only as long as it is about two weeks after the life of the game. This led to the team accelerated the development of the ranking system of Valorant.

In addition to the many other insights into the development of Valorant, the reservations and nervousness of London and their team were opposite the closed beta strategy. Although it was a colossal success at the end, in which streamer in love in the game and attracted a tremendous audience thanks to the promise of Beta-Key Drops on Twitch, London said that the imperfect perfect plan was considered a gambling.

Honestly, this special approach carries tremendous risks, she explains. We had remembered before the closed beta, that we may not have enough players who may not be enough interest and that this lack of interest could lead to long waiting times and these long waiting might affect the overall experience.

Given the promise that a sophisticated ranking mode will be a major attraction for competitive FPS players, and the success of the streaming strategy, which plays a major role in generating an early hype, it is fascinating to see how both aspects too completely different Beasts were when Riot had originally planned.

The introduction of Valorant is far in the past, but until today, new information relies on its unique and enormous introduction to the world again and again.

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