One of the best Online fairy tale received a new Appendix

I am talking about Aura Kingdom, which after closing Twin Saga, Rose Online, Eden Eternal and Iris Online, remains at the forefront of the best and most playable Fairy Online on the market.

The nail program, however, is the latest patch / addition of Sky Riders, which introduced the following news:

Further floors to Sky Tower (Arena instance in which we fight with more and more thorough monsters and bosses)
New Feature Dungeon — Tsunami
New group Dungeon — Nightmare Realm
New Dungeon Group — Ancient Cliff Temple
New Dungeon — Battle of Ambition
Complete Crusader Rework (Crusader)
NEW SYSTEM — PREVIEW ABILITY (DEW EADS check the ability of the subject and skills)
New Events

All, well, almost all these novelties are aimed at people with a maximum level of experience that have respectively strong equipment and which are looking for new challenges.

You will play here (Aura Kingdom is issued by Aeriagames).

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