New World Great Update 1 1 Insert appears today patch notes

Bethesda Game Studios is an American video game designer and also a workshop of Animal Media based in Rockville, Maryland. The business was developed in 2001 as the spin-off of Bethesda Soft works growth unit, with Bethesda Soft works itself maintaining a posting feature. The workshop is led by Todd Howard as executive producer as well as Ashley Cheng as workshop director. Bethesda Game Studios runs three satellite studios, one in Montreal and also two in Texas, and also uses 420 individuals as of March 2021.

After a smaller patch Amazon Game Studios will finally publish Update 1.1 for New World today. This update, which bears the name insolubly (Into the void), brings a variety of n meetings, features, optimizations, and bug fixes. Well tell you the most important details at this point.

When exactly does the update 1.1 for New World?

Amazon Game Studios has set the maintenance for 14:00 German time. According to current planning, they should take about four hours about four hours. If everything runs smoothly, you can log in to the evening at 18:00 and move into the online adventure. However, it can certainly happen that the work is delayed somewhat.

What are the highlights in the update 1.1 for New World?

One of the more interesting features should probably represent the ominous gauntlets as a new weapon. It is a hydride weapon that can share damage as well as support allies. It equally scales with intelligence and concentration, which is unique in the MMO. Thus, the cuffs are in principle the perfect complement for the life rod.

Furthermore, expect you in the update 1.1 for New World (Buy Now €39.99) The Lagrangian knights as new enemy types. They drive around in the southeast of Sternum and are the vassals of the war of war Varix Hammer Nov. The knights carry a heavy armor and are difficult to defeat. Sometimes they are even equipped with a protective shield, which complicates the fight against them additionally. There are you in different variants, so are on the hat!

Add to that new quests in the starting area from New World, three additional faction missions for the PVP, a speed-boost while running on the streets and much more. The developers have also eliminated numerous bugs and screwed to the graph on some places in the world. The complete patch notes read below.

NEW WORLD UPDATE 1.1 — Patch Notes

Source: Official website

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The Great Update 1.1 Unchain for New World will be released on November 18, 2021. (2) [Source: Amazon Games Studio]

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