GTA Online All Bonus and Discounts from November 18 to 24

The Homage of GTA Online to the various blows goes ahead one more week, hence some of them you will have to take them out if you want to take advantage of all the bonuses, rewards and much more that have been enabled during the week of 18 As of November 24, as we are well going to review in the following guide.

All Bonus and Discounts from November 18 to 24

The hit The Diamond Casino should be your focus of attention during these days, because a diamond house awaits you in the vault it contains, although many more surprises await you.

Podium vehicle

If you do not want to deal with the police and play the skin stealing in your vault, at the Casino The Diamond Casino & Resort you can also participate in the Roulette of La Fortuna to choose to take you money, clothing, food or podium vehicle. This week has been chosen at Pegasus Russo, a hyperkeeper who dares to challenge the sound barrier.

items to get free

Something that also results from the most interesting are the items that can be obtained free without having to pay anything for them. This time you will find t-shirts, covers and cars to add to your collection, so you only have to access any of these guides in which we explain the steps necessary for it.

How to get gratis the red The Diamond T-Shirt and Declare Burrito de Bugstars
How to get free Liberty City penitentiary monkey
How to get free the Vapid Dominator Get from November 18 to 24
How to get free the weekend runner cover for the Bravado Banshee

Rewards and additional bonuses

And if there is something that there is no lack of the appointment, it is the various game modes that are chosen weekly with those who will receive more rewards and bonuses of the normal. So, do not let any of all the following go through:

Short careers : In this type of racing of the Saints Car Meet you will have to show that there is no one better than you at the wheel, but the good news is that it will not matter the result you get, because just by participating you will receive you will receive you will receive The double reputation.
Adversary Series : Even if they say that banking always wins, do not hesitate to participate in these casino series, because by winning you will take triple rewards.
Casino works : When you contact Agatha Baker, the citys casino operations director, request some extra work for you between double dollars and points of reputation for carrying them out.
Salto Zone : In this other way of play you must coordinate with your colleagues to plan attacks and make with control of an area. Give or lose, you will get double dollars and reputation points just for competing.


Beyond everything indicated so far there are also rebates to consider to acquire vehicles, penthouses and much more for a smaller amount of what they usually value. Therefore, a lot of eyes to the following discounts:


Main penthouse — 35% discount
Improvements and modifications — 35% discount
Store clothes — 40% discount


Annie S80RR — $1,545,000 (before $2,575,000, 40% discount)
Ends Paragon R — 543,000 dollars (before 905,000 dollars, discount of 40%)
Karin Ever on — $885,000 (before $1,475,000, 40% discount)
Maxwell Vagrant — $1,328,400 (before $2,214,000, 40% discount)
Proven PR4 — $2,109,000 (before $3,515,000, discount of 40%)
Radio control tank of Invade and Persuade — $1,365,000 (before $2,275,000, discount of 40%)
Western Rampant Rocket — $555,000 (before 925,000 dollars, discount of 40%)

GTA Online Discounts, Bonuses & News (18th November 2021)


This time Subscribers of Prime Gaming will not have access to exclusive discounts, which does not mean it to be worth mentioning on this service. Just by linking the account with the Social Rockstar Games Club and connecting to the game at any time you will take $100,000 and the Motor LLC Sanctum when you come to the local Southern San Andreas Super Cars.

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