HSV vs Jahn Regensburg 2nd Bundesliga in the live ticker for reading

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On the 14th match day of the 2nd Bundesliga, the Hamburg SV and the SSV John Regensburg faced himself. Here you can read the game in the live ticker.

When returning to the second division owner, the Hamburger SV has clearly beaten the SSV John Regensburg. What happened, you can read here.

Hamburger SV vs. John Regensburg 4: 1: Statistics for the game



1: 0 rice (31st), 1: 1 Best (33rd), 2: 1 Alison (45.), 3: 1 Cutters (65.), 4: 1 Shows (87.)

Installation HSV

| Johansson — Hair, Djokovic, Scholar, Mülheim — Effect (88. Insomnia), rice, smock — Jetta (81. Shows), Glazed, Alison (73. Wintzheimer)

Installation Regensburg

| A. Meyer — Smaller, Schreiner, S. Breitkreuz, Lesser — Timber (41. Moritz), Besockkow — Best, Singh (81. Otto) — Bukhara (81. Closets), Albert (81. Madrid)

Yellow cards


HSV: Kennedy (61.), Shows (83.)

Regensburg : Moritz (85th)

HSV vs. John Regensburg: 2. Bundesliga in the live ticker for reading 4: 1

Opportunities en masse, smart degrees and strongly in the two-fight: completely deserves a well-prepared hamburger SV over flap of Regensburg. Outstanding man is a coat that is preparing two goals and turning a penalty. A fifth hit by Jetta is awarded after video proof.

Due to the defeat, the John slips off in third place, a point behind the new, current table leader Darmstadt and its first pursuit of St. Pauli. The HSV, on the other hand, climbs in place for the time being and remains unbeaten for the eleventh time in a row.

The HSV enjoys coming week again home advantage when FC Ingolstadt is a guest on Sundays: three points are firmly planned. The Regensburg already receive the SG Dynamo Dresden on Friday evening and must find into the track after the second defeat in a row.

HSV vs. John Regensburg: 2nd Bundesliga in Live ticker — Second half

      1. | And thus it was: The HSV wins 4-1 against Regensburg!
      1. | Hardly back, again in the middle: DJOKOVIC blocks a degree to the corner and screams out his joy; A symbolic scene for a dedicated HSV.
      1. | Djokovic had to be treated briefly after his liberation because he was bound together with Kennedy. But the thumb goes up.
      1. | There are two minutes of reflection time.

90 . | Spitzer Angle for Best, which still ties to the left in the penalty area from seven meters — although two players were better posted. Johansson clarifies to the corner, Djokovic beats the flank ball from the danger zone.

89 . |… and Glazed claps Sorenson.

89 . |… for the outstanding smock plays now Doyle…

88 . | Now follows an exchange of ex exchange: for Effect comes Insomnia.

HSV vs. John Regensburg: 2. Bundesliga in Live ticker — Shows to 4: 1

87 . | Tailor! Hamburger SV — John Regensburg 4: 1. A great goal! Hamburg makes the lid on it. Tune drives the ball through the central midfield and plays early on Shows. On the left penalty area, the substitute turns the head up and twirls over the ball with the right on the defender past the long corner, a wise degree! It is the first second league gate for Shows — and the second assist of the outstanding coat.

85 . | Yellow card for the substitute Moritz, which stopped the busy Glazed unfair.

84 . | Latte! Almost the fourth hits for the hamburgers. Scholar distracts the ball from five meters after a half-high flank to the crossbar, then Shōnen shoots a Regensburg.

83 . | Shows looks the yellow card for a kick against best.

82 . | You can only praise the HSV for this appearance. Defensively all the time at the height, offensive rich in ideas and variants and handy in the two fights.

81 . | On the other hand, the second HSV wing player worked — Jetta makes room for Shows.

81 . |… and Madrid for the luckless Albert.

81 . |… While for Bukhara…

80 . | The SSV John changes triple! Otto comes for Singh…

78 . | Most of the 23,000 spectators in the Volksparkstadion make alarm and are audibly satisfied with the appearance of the Walter-Elf. In the field, the John laces the HSV, but does not come to final actions.

75 . | Small, the guests do not get the grip today, the tens take and uses all the freedoms he finds. Four goals, one of them led to the 2-0, and the transformed penalty make smocks to the man of the day so far.

73 . | Alison leaves the field after a strong idea and a hit. Wintzheimer is now.

72 . | Saving forces is now announced at the Hamburger SV, which leaves the John and warring, but more not.

69 . | With the third goal, the HSV marches with a string of strings on the second home win of the season. Regensburg looks something uninspired.

HSV vs. John Regensburg: 2nd Bundesliga in the Live tick — Tune meets 3: 1

66 . | 64 . GATE! Hamburger SV — John Regensburg 3: 1…. and makes him pure! Smooth kitten meets half-highly the right corner, super-safely transformed.

64 . | Now we have clarity! Penalty for the hamburgers. Small lies up the ball

63 . | Schumacher introduces the next counterattack of the hosts. He does not have any play stations, so he has to try against Gunther alone, who blocks him again.

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HSV vs. John Regensburg: 2nd Bundesliga in Live ticker — Yellow for Kennedy

61 . | Hartmann pitches yellow for the first time! HSV central defender Kennedy is warned for a foul on Glazed.

59 . | The offensive of HSV knowledge today (almost) all to please: smocks, Jetta trick, Alison flanks — only Glazed awards so far what skulls or feet finds.

56 . | On the opposite side, Jetta awards, whose refinement from pointed angle passes the long right post on the wrong side.

55 . | Faber drives the ball forward and gives middle of the HSV half off at center-tower Albert, who looks like with blinds immediately and the gate from a good 25 meters just missed a few centimeters! His shot rushes on the top left at the angle.

52 . | Strong Attack of Hamburgers and a Tor-Des-Month Try of Tunes: About rice comes Jetta on the right side of the ball, makes a few meters and flanks into the back room on the long post. Kitten has stolen from it and uses the gained space to a sideways attempt. He only meets the ball with the tibia and brings up the conclusion behind the conclusion. Kirschbaum grabs.

49 . | At the beginning of the second half, the John takes courageous, has more possession. But there are no opportunities.

46 . | We get back to Hamburg, here is no change!

HSV vs. John Regensburg: 2nd Bundesliga in Live tick — halftime

Halftime | An exciting, intensive first half is over. A bold HSV plays the John phases to the wall and leads to gates of rice and Alison earned 2: 1, a third goal (by Jetta) was due to no recognition because of the outside. Only the gate of the best keeps the Regensburg, whose left defense side today is the Achilles, here in the game.

HSV vs. John Regensburg: 2. Bundesliga in the Linebacker — First halftime

      1. | But its about 2: 1 in the half!
      1. | How to do that?! Again the HSV breaks through, Hair has time for a flank on Glazed. The large center-tower comes four meters in front of the half-empty gateway to the header, but can not do it, but not! He heads half a meter over the latte, that must be 3: 1…
      1. | There are two minutes of retrieval time.
      1. | Now the HSV has its second goal, and coat his goal template…

45 . | TROOPER !!! Hamburger SV — John Regensburg 2: 1. Jetta was not allowed to cheer, Alison already! Small drives the ball through the midfield and sends Alison right into the alley, the passport sequence is almost a copy of the first hit. Alison overflows Recessed and meets eight meters half-law in front of the goal precisely in the long corner!

43 . | In fact, smock was in the away, the hits of HSV does not count! It is 1: 1.

42 . | Tuition for the HSV! Jetta makes the ball in a postpint, but the hit seems to be checked… Customer could have previously been in the away.

41 . | Selimbegovic changes early: Moritz comes for timber, suggesting problems on the right thigh.

38 . | First orderly attack of the Regensburg and almost 2: 1! Recessed chips the ball left out on Singh, who plays the ball directly into the middle. Bukhara has settled and comes out of well eleven meters to complete, Johansson parsed.

35 . | Madness, these two minutes. Eternally, the Hamburger SV pushes to the first goal and deserves it with courage and deployment. From nothing, the John then comes to compensation. Maybe its happiness of the efficient… or the Duel of those who are in the table in the table.

HSV vs. John Regensburg: 2. Bundesliga in the Linebacker — two goals in two minutes!

33 . | TROOPER !!! Hamburger SV — John Regensburg 1: 1. How crazy is that?! Best throws the Devi and revives the Regensburg again! The midfield man comes near the box to the ball, dribbles from the right a few meters inside and pulls off with the left foot. Johansson stretches after the shot in the short corner, but does not come ran and so it beats a balancing!

31 . | TOOOOOOOR !!! Hamburger SV — John Regensburg 1: 0. There is the first hit — and thats something of deserving! Rice launches the HSV with a class graduation. Alison pulls from right to the middle, is right through on the starting rice. Right in the penalty area, the midfield man trained in La Asia trials dry and meets with a rich shot right bottom!

28 . | Bitter! Jetta, who exchanged the pages with Alison, passes the left at his opponent and is brought near the penalty area from his legs, but was out of the way.

25 . | But still just 0: 0, because the HSV has all the chances of all — not for the first time…

24 . | Selimbegovic was right: The John runs afterwards, the John has to suffer.

HSV Celebrate Goal Fest | Hamburger SV - Jahn Regensburg 4-1 | All Goals | MD 14 - Bundesliga 2
21 . | Now comes the John in front of the goal! Albert forces Johansson with a header from seven meters gate distance to the parade.

20 . | I can not look into heads, but from here it looks like the John was a great respect for the strong appearance of the Hamburgers.

18 . | cherry tree! The HSV breaks through again on the right, where Jetta makes a lot of operation. Smart comes to the ball and flanks, even in the sixteen, close to the left post. Glazed rises the highest and brings the header towards the left goal angle. The keeper is long and parishes great!

17 . | Two-thirds of the two-fighting wins Regensburg, but rarely has a number so deceived as the! Because: The decisive go to HSV.

15 . | The game has a lot to offer. Johansson, the representative of the injured Hewer Fernandes in the HSV gate, adds another component: thrill! Intended by two Vegeburgers the final man plays a wild passport on Djokovic, who gets off the ball as fast as an annoying insect and promptly complain about the pass. That went well again…

13 . | Counter chance for the HSV, because the John can be axed and tapped in the trap! Jetta goes on the right edge into the sprint duel with Kennedy, moves into the sixteen and is blocked by the Regensburg at the last moment by grassy.

10 . | The HSV now has a chance for the other! First, Glazed misses a Jetta flank only for hair width, then Alison leaves two Regensburg for 30 seconds later, eight meters left from the gate to close and moves over right.

8th. | exciters in the box! Glazed comes in the running duel with Kennedy for case, but referee Hartmann can not be torn to a whistle.

7 . | The formation of the John now turns out instead of 4-2-3-1 as a flat 4-5-1: Faber gives the right-back, in front of him plays best in a row with Bukhara, Timber and Co.

5 . | The roles are clearly distributed here: Regensburg is waiting for the counterattack, Hamburg makes the game. A cross of Hair from the right-hand side explains Kennedy in good time in front of Glazed, who had already stated the Volley.

2 . | That looks promising! The HSV expresses the guests deep in their half, in the third attempt is Alison from 14 meters from half-links in the penalty area to the shot — just left over.

1. | kick-off, the game runs and the HSV has the ball!

HSV vs. John Regensburg: 2nd Bundesliga today in the live ticker — before starting

Before starting: Referee of the game Robert Hartmann, he is supported by Video Assistant Christof Guns, who has the live images in view. In a few minutes go here finally!

Before starting: In short, much speaks for the John. Selimbegovic naturally looks different, the John coach speaks of exchanged roles on the Elbe. We will suffer and have to hold up our frustration tolerance, said the SSV coach. His eleven will be a lot going on a lot today, Selimbegovic believes.

Before starting: Also, as far as the scorer is concerned, the John has the nose: With 29 goals Regensburg presents the second-best offensive of the league (behind Darmstadt). HSV coach Walter does not leave this construction site unprocessed and let flanks and degrees practicing flanks during the country break.

Before starting: In the Volksparkstadion, the reds do not feel well yet: the HSV has won only one of eight home games! This is too little for an eleven with ascent ambitions. On a foreign lawn, one more brought with twelve points than comparatively the Regensburg (11).

Before starting: Five points separate HSV and its guests from the Free State of Bavaria in the second division table. The SSV John plays a firm season and has brought about 13 games 25 points (2.). The northern lights are fifth with 20 points.

Before starting: For the guests, a lot has happened compared to the 2: 3 against Hans Rostock. Trainer Perseid Selimbegovic changes his troop to six positions. In the goal, Kirschbaum replaces the Timekeeper Meyer (not in the squad), before today Kennedy, trainer, Faber, Bukhara and Albert on for Elves, titled, Otto (all bank) as well as Breitkreuz and Smaller (both not in the squad).

Before starting: compared to the 1: 1 against the Karlsruhe SC before the next country break, which was the already eighth HSV-Remis of the season, coach Tim Walter turns to two positions. For David (Muscle Ferries) and Insomnia (Bank) start today Djokovic and Alison.

HSV vs. John Regensburg — The listings

Before starting: The statements are here! To start the HSV and Regensburg today in the game:

HSV: Johansson — Hair, Djokovic, Scholar, Mülheim — Effect, Rice, Smith — Jetta, Glazed, Alison

John Regensburg: A. Meyer — Smaller, Schreiner, S. Breitkreuz, Lesser — Timber, Besockkow — Best, Singh — D. Otto, Albert

Before starting: The HSV has only had a defeat, but still does not belong to the top of the table. Namely, no other club has more than the North Germans with eight draws. The SSV John, on the other hand, lost already twice, but still five points more.

Before starting: At 1.30 pm, the game of the 14th match day in Volksparkstadion, Hamburg, held.

Before starting: Welcome to the 2nd Bundesliga for the meeting of the 14th game day between Hamburg SV and John Regensburg.

HSV vs. John Regensburg: 2nd Bundesliga today on TV and Livestream

HSV against Regensburg you can see live at SKY today. The single game with Markus Gap as commentator runs from 13 clocks on the transmitters SKY Sport Bundesliga 4 (HD) and SKY Sport Bundesliga 8 (HD). As part of the second division conference you can follow the game at SKY Sport Bundesliga 3 (HD) and SKY Sport Bundesliga 7 (HD).

Using SKY GO subscription or sky ticket, you also have the opportunity to track the duel in the live stream.

Track this game LIVE: Buy the Skyrocket now.

Oneefootball also offers the game. You can buy the encounter for 3.99 euros.

HSV vs. John Regensburg, 2nd Bundesliga: The statements

HSV: Johansson — Hair, Djokovic, Scholar, Mülheim — Effect, Rice, Smith — Jetta, Glazed, Alison
John Regensburg: A. Meyer — Smaller, Schreiner, S. Breitkreuz, Lesser — Timber, Besockkow — Best, Singh — D. Otto, Albert

2 . Bundesliga: The table on the 14th match day

Rank | Team | Games | S | U | N | Goals | Diff. | Pkt.

1 | FC St. Pauli | 12 | 8 | 2 | 2 | 28: 11 | 17 | 26
2 | John Regensburg | 13 | 7 | 4 | 2 | 29: 15 | 14 | 25
3 | SC Paderborn 07 | 14 | 7 | 4 | 3 | 28: 16 | 12 | 25
4 | 1. FC Nuremberg | 14 | 6 | 6 | 2 | 19: 12 | 7 | 24
5 | SV Darmstadt 98 | 13 | 7 | 2 | 4 | 31: 16 | 15 | 23
6 | FC Schalke 04 | 13 | 7 | 1 | 5 | 22: 16 | 6 | 22
7 | Hamburger SV | 13 | 4 | 8 | 1 | 20: 15 | 5 | 20
8 | Welder Bremen | 13 | 5 | 4 | 4 | 19: 19 | 0 | 19
9 | 1. FC Dagenham 1846 | 13 | 5 | 3 | 5 | 13: 19 | -6 | 18
10 | Karlsruhe SC | 13 | 4 | 5 | 4 | 20: 20 | 0 | 17
11 | Hans Rostock | 13 | 5 | 2 | 6 | 16: 22 | -6 | 17
12 | Fortuna Düsseldorf | 13 | 4 | 4 | 5 | 19: 20 | -1 | 16
13 | Hanover 96 | 14 | 3 | 5 | 6 | 10: 18 | -8 | 14
14 | Holstein Kiel | 13 | 3 | 5 | 5 | 14: 23 | -9 | 14
15 | Dynamo Dresden | 13 | 4 | 1 | 8 | 14: 18 | -4 | 13
16 | SV Tannhauser | 13 | 3 | 3 | 7 | 13: 25 | -12 | 12
17 | Erzgebirge AUE | 13 | 2 | 5 | 6 | 11: 19 | -8 | 11
18 | FC Ingolstadt 04 | 13 | 1 | 2 | 10 | 8: 30 | -22 | 5

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