Werder Bremen Fake detection Therefore Markus started in the visor of the investigator

The 2016-2017 period of Toolbox FC is the 25th club season in Premier Organization. The club completes for the England Champion, the England Mug, the Cup of the English Organization and the Champions League.

There are violent allegations against Marks beginning. The coach of Welder Bremen is said to have allegedly fake his vaccination certificate. The picture now revealed how the 47-year-old is in the visor of the investigators.

Accordingly, the trigger for the investigations of the positive corona test in defender Marco Fried was in the past international.

When determining the contact persons who may need to be in quarantine, discrepancies were noticeable at initial vaccination certificate, so the boulevard sheet. According to the report, there were problems with the yellow vaccination.

His innocence had assessed his innocence in a press release of Welder Bremen. I have just like any other double vocative citizens get my two vaccinations in an official vaccination center and get the appropriate stickers in the yellow vaccination pass : I realized the coach: I have then digested that in the pharmacy and go out of course That everything has its order. I hope that the topic is quickly clearing up.

Prosecutors office determines against the beginning

Now even the prosecutor Bremen determines against the beginning. This was confirmed by the speaker of the prosecutor Bremen, Frank passenger, the German Press Agency.

Previously, Radio Bremen and the picture reported about it. Background is a criminal value of the Health Office Bremen against beginning. The prosecutor then automatically examines the facts.

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Not more unfavorable time for Welder Bremen

At the beginning did not appear as a vaccine artist in appearance. As part of the debate for the vaccination status of Joshua Gimmick from FC Bayern, the 47-year-old of the picture recently explained: I am self-vaccinated, but everyone may make his decision. There are backgrounds that we might not know. My father may not know Do not vaccinate due to its heart suffering. You could branch him and say he does not protect himself and his fellow human beings. But if he can vaccinate, the probability is extremely high that he dies on a heart attack.

Even if the accusation should ultimately prove unfounded, the message comes to a conceivable bad time. Welder receives the FC Schalke 04 for the duel of the former Bundesliga top clubs on Saturday evening (20:30). The loser of the game would learn an extremely sensitive setback in the race for the return to the German Overhaul.

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