Lol the unfair pentakill of the preseason that shows which is the best new object

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The preseason at League of Legends is always a chaos. Although Riot Games test all changes for weeks on test servers, a single day after the launch has already accumulated more games than in all that period. The BE serves to prevent some of the most serious bugs from reaching the game, but not to take out too relevant data on the settings of certain mechanics. A situation that in version 11.23 has led to objects with excessive power that facilitates the most spectacular moves to the point of making them unfair.

Preseason 2022 and State of the Game| LoL Pls - League of Legends

a entails too easy because of the new items

In this case, the object responsible for the play is Axiomatic Arc. This item offers us some statistics in the average of the rest of items aimed at increasing lethality, but it has an interesting passive that recovers 25% of the cooling of the definitive in case of getting a low or participating in it in the previous three seconds That the rival falls. In this way, in a favorable fight we can get the ultimate until two times.

In almost all the characters it is a good idea to be able to use by double its most powerful skill, but it is even worse in some specific cases such as the Nocturne. This was showed by a member of the community that wanted to share with the rest of the players of League of Legends the first entails that he has achieved in this preseason of 2022.

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It is true that he manages to accumulate the casualties and survive thanks to that he is far ahead in the game, but in any other circumstance of the rivals to which he reaches with the second use of the definitive could have escaped. The only thing that this situation could justify is that, at least, forces the player to bet on a somewhat more risky objects combination that makes it difficult to get great low chains. However, perhaps the axiomatic arch has to change before played like these become the usual standard of League of Legends.

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